Friday, November 14, 2014

Short Trip Getaway To The Beach (Part 1)

Hello fashionista,i hope you all are doing well.It´s Friday,have you any plan to do this weekend?Here i have some pictures from my short trip getaway to the beach.Even only stayed over one night,but is was really fun.And i wore pink for the first day,as a pink color is always looks happy color and fresh looks.Nowadays,pink color is only color for kids,we are as adult we can wear this color too.I have floral printed pashmina for cover up my shoulder and yes,it´s pink color too.And this pashmina remind me of one my good friend,this pashmina is a gift from my good friend before i moved away some years ago.And the necklace i´ve got present from my Mom.This pink top i love to make combination with black and white floral pant.It´s absolutely comfortable for my short trip to Pattaya.I love this hotel view,perfect view from my hotel room.Yeach...sunset view on arriving and dirrectly from the window hotel..And such a beautiful room,decoration with maritime style,i love this kind of style.


What I Wore

Pant-Emily Denim
Hat-Hua-Hin Boutique
Lipstick-Maybelline Rose Pink.

Perfect view from the hotel room,beautiful sunset.

Hope you guys enjoyed my latest pictures and love to hear from your opinion.
Wish you all a happy Friday....!!!
With Love xoxo,

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