Sunday, January 04, 2015

Glorious Day on the First Day of New Year 2015

Hello fashionista,how was your first day of new year 2015??I hope all had a fantastic day so far.After i had a fantastic NYE party,this is some pictures on the first day of New Year 2015.As i were celebrated my NYE in the beautiful hotel in the riverside of Chaopraya.,Bangkok.And the hotel is classic and had amazing view from my hotel room.Very beautiful morning,blue sky and looks so glorious day.It looks like a good started for new year and new beginning of all.Hope this will be many positive things filled our year.Yes,just stay in positive mind as i always do in my life.How life bring us,we shall be ready of it.Did you have any plans,target,list or wishes for this new year??I´m pretty sure you have many.As i always have some plans and list on beginning new year.Starting from list No.1 till No.10 and etc...Even some of them i could achived it or realise but some of them sometime has failured and unsuccessful.But,hey don´t stop till there or just hanging there.Life is goes on and we don´t have to stop our dream or our wishes just only once a tried or once failured.From mistakes and failured we make we always learned so many things in life.

I´m kind of never easily giving up.Love to do work hard untill my dream and my wishes come true.
As my target this new year,i´ll do much more about my passion of fashion with blogging,my passion of fitness and my passion of dance.That three things is my biggest passion,so i´ll spend more time and more seriously to do it all and learn more about it.As i also new in the blogging world but i`ve learned so many things and knew some new friends,this is kind of amazing things came to filled my passed year 2014.

Let´s talk about my outfit on the first day of New Year 2015.I wore my new summer long dress with stripe black & white motive and on the right & left side it has high cutted.This dress i´ve bough on sale from "Dorothy Perkins".I love this dress,it looks simply amazing when i wore it.Simply comfort to wore on lazy day after had a party.Yes,stripe black & white,they will never out from trend.They always looking sexy and classy.My featured with black & white heels is made this looks perfectly.

Such a glorious and wonderful morning in the Bangkok city.View from my hotel room,Chaopraya Riverside Hotel.

What I Wore 
Dress-Dorothy Perkins
Watch-Ray Rucci
Accesories-Fashion Jewelry

 Thank you for spend your time to reading and passing by on my blog guys.
Hope you enjoy my pictures.
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  1. Great post, I am with you, I love to work hard to make my dreams come true. Stunning pictures, girl, spectacular view. Lovely dress and you wear it so beautifully. Awesome bag!
    Happy New Year

    1. Auww....thank you so much for your lovely comment and for agree with me.;-)
      Always so kind of you dear Lenya.Hope all your dream and wishes this year are come true.
      Have a wonderful New Year.
      Kisses,Kintan xoxo

  2. Wow, love your dress. *__*
    Lovely greets Nessa

    1. Thank you babe,i love this dress too.;-)
      Happy New Year babe.
      Kisses,Kintan xoxo



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