Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Yogyakarta City With Pink

Hello my dearest bloggers,here some pictures from my last trip to visited my home country,Indonesia.It was one month ago.And these pictures were taken in the very beautiful hotel in the near from my home town (Magelang City).At everytime i visited my family and my home town i always stayed in this city called Yogyakarta city.Have you been visited Indonesia before??This city is should be in your list to visit as we have many culture and some world´s heritage.I´ll explain you more detail about that,in the next post.This time i wore my simply comfortable summer dress in pink for my first day that i visited my family.Those day were i stayed it was so hot,so this dress is just perfect for it.Did you see the hotel with traditional Indonesian style??This hotel many decorated with wood carving as typical in my country and i love this kind of hotel.Specially when i visited my home country,i love to stay and smell all in traditional way.I feel more familiar and more warm atmosphere and ambience.Let me share with you,my other pictures from my holiday in my home country in the next post.

Thank you for stopping by my loves and wish you all have a wonderful week ahead.Till next post.
With Love xoxo,

Here is the lobby hotel with full decorated with traditional Indonesia wood carving.

Here is absolutely my favorite hotel room,with really traditional furniture,it looks charming and comfy room.

The front view from my room is tropical garden.Love it.<3

I was wearing,
Pink Summer Dress-Emily Wear
Hat-Walker Boutique
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  1. great place! You look beautiful too. love your dress.

    1. Thank you so much dear for your nice comment.Have a good day.xoxo

  2. wow, realmente precioso, y tu vestido muy bonito

  3. Great post!! I really love your dress and also that bed!! hahaha ;)
    kisses from Spain sweety =)
    Have a nice day

    1. Auww...thank you so much babe for your lovely comment and glad to heard that you love my dress and the bed.
      Have a great day.Kisses back from Bangkok.<3<3



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