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Saturday, October 03, 2015

Grab Gorgeous Pink Charms & Bracelets and Let Support Breast Cancer Pink October

Hello my lovely readers,
Hope you have a amazing day.October is here and welcome October.And i have so many event that i´ve to attend this month.And one of them is Zumba Party for supported breast cancer pink October here in Bangkok.And in other way i feel so happy that i´ve accepted by Glamulet Forever Glamour,to make champaign for supported Breast Cancer Pink October.What is you plan,program or maybe wishlist for this month??I´m sure you have so many plan,program and wishes for this month October.Did you ever have breast cancer or maybe one of your family member or maybe one of your best friends??This disease is really dangers and really killed so many women around the world.It make women really feel scared.But what should we do for prevent this scary disease?We should do preventing by check-up routine once a year.Once you feel strange on your breast you should go to ask Doctor immediately.No time to wait,better we do preventing as we have the serious problem after.
As myself i has an tumor some years ago on both of my breast so i know the feeling to feel so much worried and scared on many women.That´s moment i only though,hope this not became worst to be cancer.

Today,breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer among women.More than 200.000 new cases of invasive breast cancer are expected in 2015.Thousand of women will die of breast cancer but ground breaking research for the cure needs to be funded.
For this kind of reason we all women around the world should do something together,to support each other to make decreasing number of women died by breast cancer.Let support Breast Cancer Pink October with in very easy way.Let do supported together by help to spread the campaign to make this campaign coming true and successful with the motto,

"By 2050,no woman should die of breast cancer.We are launching the October Campaign to make it reality."

How to support this campaign is really quiet easy,grab your pink favorite and gorgeous charms and bracelets from Glamulet Forever Glamour.Glamulet and breast cancer fundraiser they work together to make campaign to supported women around the world for Breast Cancer Awareness Pink October.They have many different gorgeous and beautiful style in pink color for supporting this breast cancer pink October.And they special crafted for this charities for breast cancer pink October.Every single items that you buy from Glamulet Forever Glamour 50% from the sales will be donate to charities breast cancer.Did you know about Glamulet Forever Glamour??
Glamulet is a jewelry brand that specializes in Charms.Glamulet design,manucfactures and sells a wide of modern and quality Charms that make possible to create a unique Bracelet.Most of these Charms are made of 925 sterling Silver,Swarovski Crystals,Murano glass and various kinds of man-made & natural stones.We wish to allow every woman to express herself thanks to an affordable collection of high quality jewelry:that´s why their priority at an affordable price.

Did you know day by day,month by month and year by year,more and more women around the world to be diagnosed by breast cancer.May some of them will die after or may some of them should stay in very long therapy and surviving.We won´t this happened to us or some women out there.We should stop this by whatever we can,however we can,how far we can.Let help this campaign by buying some gorgeous charms and bracelet at Glamulet Forever Glamour.It´s not only you can grab your gorgeous and beautiful accessories but in other hand you also help other women around the world.Here i want to show the example charms and bracelet in pink color special crafted for the Breast Cancer Campaign Pink October .Is not this really gorgeous??Please click here to visit their Website, Glamulet Forever Glamour


Hope you like my post and don´t forget to support this campaign with buying gorgeous charms and bracelets from Glamulet Forever Glamour.Let stay and work together to make this 
Breast Cancer Campaign Pink October successful.We can´t stand alone without your support guys.
Wish you have a amazing weekend and don´t forget to check the website from Glamulet Forever Glamour.

Look the Jewelry,

With Love xoxo,
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  1. Love all the bracelets, especially because it goes to support the breast cancer research! Great informational post and I hope your lumps are non cancerous. Best of luck! Have a great weekend!

    1. Thank you so much dear,for stopping by on my blog and leaving a great comment.
      Yes,thanks God,that´s was not cancer.We´re women always have to be aware everytime.
      Wish you have a good weekend and keep in touch.

  2. Totally agree with you! We definitely have to be very careful!
    following you on Google+ Lets keep in touch :)

    1. Thank you dear for agreed with me and also following back on Google+.
      So glad that we can stay connected.Wish you have a great Sunday.
      Kisses XOX

  3. so nice:) Happy Sunday:)

    1. Thank you hun.Happy Sunday for you as well.
      Kisses xox


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