Monday, November 02, 2015

Sneak Peak From Oktoberfest Bangkok 2015

  • Hello my dearest readers,

    hope you had a amazing weekend and ready to started a new week with a new hope.Here i wanted to shared with you guys,my outfit for a German party "Oktoberfest" here in Bangkok.I worn my German traditional costume "Dirndl".I really love this costume and maybe some of you still remember that i worn the same costume last year for Oktoberfest.This was my fourth time to celebrated Oktoberfest here in Bangkok and as always,always so much fun.Big German buffet,German traditional live music for Oktoberfest,German beer,these are really amazing.All the foods are really delicious,starting from German´s sausage,Sauerkraut,Hams,Bratkartoffeln(fried potato),mashed potato(Kartoffeln Puree),delicious dessert and much more.I can´t write all here,as i can´t remember all the foods,it too much.Hahahaa....I´m really satisfied with all the German foods that i really missed it,i can found it all in the German buffet.(Lol) Anyway,do you like with my outfit with Dirndl and my new red bag??I hope so,as i love my new red bag it was present from hubby.This bag is really multifunction that i can use as a bag pack,or shoulder bag or even red is my favorite color,hubby knows what i loved.This bag is absolutely gorgeous and also multifunction,this kind of bag that i really needed.You can use this bag from "Day To Night" outfit.

    Prosstttt aus Bangkok/Cheers from Bangkok....!!!

    Amazing Oktoberfest night at Hilton Millennium Bangkok with live band from Germany.

    My own hair do ready for Oktoberfest party.

                           So sorry for my tired look because i had a headache and sore throat when hubby taken this pictures and before i attended Oktoberfest party.


    My Look,
                                                                                                                                                                                             Dirndl-C&A(Germany)-Similar Here                              
    Bag-Jimmy Choo-Similar Here
    Necklace-Viva Loco
    Earing-Arena Jaya Bali
    Watch-Alexander Christie
    Shoes-Deichmann(Germany)-Similar Here & Similar Here



    1. 1.  Dirndl mit Herzen in weiss / rot2.RED SYL Women - Jimmy Choo

    3.          4.  RED/RED SBR Women - Jimmy Choo

    1)Dirndl mit Herzen-79,00€
    2)HOOPS 100-695.00 €

    Thank you so much for stopping by on my blog and for leaving a nice comments.Hope you like my post and love to hear your though.Wish you have a amazing week ahead and stay fabulous dears.
    With Love XOX,


    1. Liebste Kindtan, Du siehst einfach wunderbar aus in Deinem Dirndl und das klingt nach einem sehr guten Oktoberfest in Bangkok! Hoffentlich geht es Dir auch ansonsten perfekt <3
      Alles Liebe von Rena aus Bayern

      1. Hallo liebe Rena,vielen Dank für Deine liebe Kommentar und wie immer sehr schön dass zu lesen.Ja,dass ist war,ich habe richtig guten Oktoberfest in Bangkok.Ich wünsche Dir auch eine Perfekte Woche und ich hoffe alles ist gut mit Dir.Liebe Grüße aus BKK,xoxo.

    2. Amazing post :)

      1. Thank you so much dear Barbara for visiting my blog and leaving a nice comment.
        Keep in touch dear.Kisses

    3. wow you look amazing Dear! Great photos:)

      1. Hello dear,thank you so much for your a great compliment.Wish you have a great day.Kisses

    4. I really love your fashion sense.
      you always look amazing so all of your outfits are lovely.

      1. Thank you so much my lovely friend,for your a great compliment and so glad to heard that you loved my look and my fashion.Wish you have a amazing day.Kisses dear.xox

    5. That Dirndl dress looks perfect on you sweetie! It my dream to visit the Oktoberfest some day and hope it will come true)


      1. Thank you so much my dear,for your a great compliment.I hope your dream come true dear,to visit Oktoberfest.wish you have a amazing weekend.Kisses xox

    6. estas preciosa, lo tuvista que pasar muy bien



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