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Monday, April 25, 2016

Beautiful Purple Nail For Spring

 Hello my beautiful doll,
How was your weekend??I hope you have had an fantastic weekend.Spring is here but looks like that here in Germany back to cold winter,a bit snowing from yesterday and ice stone rain.But I´ll not let the cold destroy my color idea for my nail color.So,with today post I´ll show you how to keep fresh and colorful on spring time even the weather looks cloudy,dark and cold.I choose beautiful purple for my nail.It´s easy to do it and very quick touch and the result is absolutely pretty and fresh.What is your favorite nail color for this spring??Please share your though.

Nail color-Sheene Choc
Ultra Gloss Nail Color-Essence
Gel Nail Top Coat-RL de Young

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Wish you have a fantastic week ahead.
Kisses xoxo,
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  1. Perfect nail colour!
    Have a lovely day dear

    1. Hello dear,thank you so much.Wish you have a lovely evening too.
      Kisses xoxo

  2. Cute nails. Beautiful color <3

    Brina xoxo,
    ♥ SweetStyle ♥

    1. Hello dear Brina,thank you for your a great comment.
      Have a beautiful day.Kisses xox

    2. Thank you so much dear for your a great comment.
      Have a beautiful day.Kisses

  3. The weather is terrible everywhere unfortunately. It snowed, rained and was super windy yesterday in the UK. Global warming is unto us.
    Loving your nail, - The shade is bold and nice! :)

    1. Hello dear Missy,you´re absolutely the weather is terrible now everywhere.Global warming is came into us.Thank you for your a lovely comment,so glad that you love this nail color.Have a beautiful day and keep warm dear.Kisses xox

  4. You have beautiful nails, Kintan. Love the mani, cute color.
    Love the soft colors of this outfit.
    kisses, honey pie

    1. Auww...thank you so much darling Lenya for your a great comment.So glad to heard that you loved the mani and the color.Wish you have a fantastic weekend.Kisses darling.XOX

  5. Beautiful color!!!

  6. nice color


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