Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Welcoming Rainy Season With Kimono

Welcoming Rainy Season With Kimono
Tuesday, October 28, 2014
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What I Wore
Hat-Walker Boutique
Pant-Forever 21
Top-Cherry Blink
Bracelet-Arena Jaya


Hello fashionista,how was your Monday??Talking about kimono is now new trend for all kind of
weather.Specially here in Bangkok is now rainy time,is just perfect choose to wore this kimono.Yeachh...i welcoming rainy season with my new kimono.On my first day to wore this kimono and i won´t take it off because is too comfort.I just found out that i also falled in love with this trend and i have found this beautiful kimono on my summer holiday 2 month ago in Germany.I just falled in love from the first sight,but it´s true that this kimono is really comfort to wore even in such hot weather here in Bangkok.Many possibilities that you can make combination with this outfit.We can wear with a long pant or even a short pant or other outfit such a skirt.But this time i choose this outfit with denim combination and for a perfect looks i added with my red hat and still with my old favorite leather enkle bootie.
What do you think with this outfit guys??Love to heard from your opinion.
Wish you all have a wonderful week ahead....!!
Keep in touch & with love xoxo,

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Wednesday, October 22, 2014
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Such an wonderful holiday in Hua-Hin.The sun is shiny,beautiful warm weather,beautiful bluesky
and windy it´s really perfect weather for summer getaway.And it´s not goes wrong that i brought my beach shell,that i can enjoying my relaxing dirrectly on the beach side.I love to be here,it´s such quiet place and a small paradise and is not too far from home.And this view with rock mountain and a Budha Statue make this view really wonderful.This rock mountain called "Khao Takiab Mountain".
Since we living here for few years,Hua-Hin is our favorite place to go for spending a long weekend
 or some summer getaway.Staying in the small cottage beach front hotel is more confinience and comfortable than to stay in the big hotel.The hotel were i stayed is just dirrectly viewed to the Khao Takiab Mountain.It´s such a small but sweet hotel.You can do sight seeing and visiting Khao Takiab Mountain.They have Budha Temple on the mountain,that you shall going up with a car.Because the street is harder when you just do tracking.But on the ground they have a small Budha Statue that you can visit with walk from beach side.
 Starting from the rock mountain you can do a long way walk through the beach side.But have to wait that the water is not on high water.That´s always what i love to do,enjoying my long walked through the beach side and enjoying the fresh air and a bit playing with water and sand.Normally i always brough my beach ball so i can playing on the beach.Yeach...i´m tropic kid sometime.I love to get tan skin and my skin specially is so sensitive skin,easy to get tan skin.The hotel were i stayed is not to far from the Hua-Hin city,it´s only around about 10 minute from hotel.When you have own car,it´s better of course when not,you can take a small taxi there.

Day first, happy to be here and get into my room for some days.

  Day 2nd, get my bikini on build up my beach shell,enjoyed and relaxing on the beach   

Bikini time and enjoyed my time on the beach and played with sand and water.

Enjoyed the sunset time at beach front restaurant.

Beautiful view from the Khao Takiab mountain and Budha Statue.And so interesting seeing the local people really enjoyed their foods and hospitality with family.

Dinner is waiting and cocktail is perfect choose for refreshment after beach day.

Love this restaurant, beautiful ambience with live music and it´s special because beach front restaurant with rock mountain viewed.

                                                Having a fresh cocktail on last night.

Always hard to leave a small paradise,but lucky that we live not really far from it.

What I Wore:
Top-Zara,Long pant-Zara,Wedges Shoes-Marie Claire,Summer Dress-Forever 21
Bikini-Triumph,Earing-Birjou Brigitte,Bracelet-Viva Loco,Handbag-Marie Claire,Belt-H&M

Hope you guys enjoy my posted and thank you for passing by and reading.
What do you think guys of my posted??I really appreciated of your comment.
Keep in touch & stay tuned for the next post...!!
With Love xoxo

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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Colorful Dress For Party

Colorful Dress For Party
Sunday, October 19, 2014
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Hello fashionista,hope you have a wonderful weekend so far.Here i come back after had such an busy week.Who doesn´t like colorful outift?I love to wore colorful outfit,with brighter color always looks happier and looks fresh as who you are.As may brighten my day too.Don´t never feel shy to wearing some colorful outfit.This outfit i picked up for special day to attended best friend birthday party.Colorful dress with combination colorful wedges shoes and orange handbag.Extra i added colorful earing to make this outfit really perfect looks.I love to make something idea or something different of my fashion.Try to be different,be who you are,be confidence as my rule of my fashion.Anyway,i had a wonderful party of my best friend birthday party.Played pool billyard,had a lots of laugh,chit-chat with good friends it was really brighten my weekend.Hope you guys ennjoyed my posted and thank you for readying.
Have a wonderful Sunday....!!!
With Love xoxo,


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