Sunday, June 28, 2015

Spaghetti With Sausage-Spaghetti ItalAsi

Spaghetti With Sausage-Spaghetti ItalAsi
Sunday, June 28, 2015
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Hello my dearest blogger and readers...!!!
Are you one of a spaghetti lover??When yes,here is some recipe from me wanna to share it with you.
Now,i also one of a spaghetti lover,as started some years ago because affected by my hubby.My hubby he´s crazy spaghetti lover.With this make me have some a new recipe idea,to cooked spaghetti more interesting and tasted delicious.This my recipe i called it,"Spaghetti With Sausage or Spaghetti ItalAsia.As in ingredient i put a bit Asian ingredient.So let get started with cooking and what is all inside and how to preparing;
-1 pack of spaghetti,500 gram
-Zucchini 1 pcs
-Paprika 1 pcs
-Onion 1 pcs
-Garlic 2-3 pcs
-Vegetable oil
-Butter/Olive oil
-Salsa sauce
-Chili 3-4 pcs

1).Preparing all the vegetable as in the picture,tomato,zucchini,paprika.

2).Cut into a small pieces for the paprika and tomato.And the zucchini you can cut half rounded as shown in the picture below.

   3).Cut the sausages as shown in the picture.

4).Preparing hot water in cooking bowl and cooking the spagethy noodle about 10 mnt.
When is finished,put into a bowl and shimmer with olive oil or butter as needed.

5).Let cut onion into 2 pieces and cut sliced half rounded as shown in the picture below.
Followed by garlic and chopped it cut sliced as small as posible.

  6).Prepare cooking wok and put a bit oil as needed to fry the garlic and onion.Fry garlic and onion until a bit brown and put sausages fry together with the onion and garlic,all until looks a bit brown.

7).Now prepare the noodle,mixed it together in the wok with all sausages and vegetables.Shimmer one glass of the salsa sause,salt,pepper,chili and knöör as needed and tasted it.

8).Fry and mixed together and wait until getting a bit brown and all the ingredient soak together with the noodle.

9).Prepare plate and now spagethy is done and ready to it´s.

10).Oppst...don´t forget to decorated with something nice.On my way i put something fresh look and green with parsley.

What do you think guys??Hope you like my recipe and please share your opinion here.
Wish you all have a fantastic weekend and take care dears...!!!
With Love xoxo,

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Flower Dress-Indonesian Holiday 2015

Flower Dress-Indonesian Holiday 2015
Saturday, June 27, 2015
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Hello my dearest bloggers and readers,
hope you all doing great.I wanna continue share with you guys,my holiday outfit in Indonesia with flower dress.Yeach..i know i love flower print dress.I love girly,elegant and feminin look sometime but still a bit sexy look.;-)So here is my streetlook on my holiday with flower print dress.And i featured it with my new necklace that also in colorful motive.I always love to wear a colorful and flower print dress on summer.It made me more happy feeling.This holiday still part of my Indonesian holiday in small city Yogyakarta,as some of you may knows from my last posted that share already some holiday pictures from the same hotel in Yogyakarta city,Indonesia.And maybe you can see a bit part of the hotel where i stayed looks traditional Indonesian style.Starting from the hotel room until the garden view and the veranda is really Indonesian style.Love these look so much.I feel more familiar,feel like at home.One day you wanna visit this small city,i recommended for you to stay in this hotel.Really warm and very friendly staft.Location is really convinience.But i have another favorite hotel No.1 in this city.It called Phoenix Hotel.But now the hotel room price,it grows highly.So,this hotel Puri Artha is now my second favorite but it´s great to stay.Why not to tried another,when other is more expensive.
What do you think with my outfit??Do you like it??Pls share your opinion here.
Wish you all have an amazing weekend my dears.

I was wearing,
Flower Dress-Viva Loco/Necklace-Mallioboro Shop/Bracelet-Mallioboro Shop/Watch-Alexander Christie/Earing-Friend Gift/Sandal-Bata

Monday, June 22, 2015

A Day Like Tourist at Asiatic Riverside,Bangkok

A Day Like Tourist at Asiatic Riverside,Bangkok
Monday, June 22, 2015
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 Hello my dearest bloggers and readers...!!!
I hope you all doing fine and have had an amazing weekend so far.
Did you ever visiting Bangkok city??When not,here is my recommended place to you for your next visit once you are in Bangkok.Asiatic Riverside Market as located in the riverside of Chao Praya river.Hubby and i were visited this place about 2 weeks ago on public holiday here in Bangkok.Yes,we looks like an tourist sometime.Love to exploring the city where we live.We living here is already some years,but still we do like tourist sometime.;-)This place is recommended for you guys,as maybe you need place just for relax and chilling on your holiday with your loves one,family or friends.As this place is located in the central of Bangkok city with great views of the biggest river in Bangkok,Chao Praya river.Or you can just find a hotel to stay in the near or located in riverside Chao Praya river maybe it will be convinience for you.And i guarantee,you will have a great holiday adventure.Or you can just have a ride with cruise boat along Chao Praya river with your loves one and in the evening is more recommended with night view from Bangkok city.And come back to Asiatic,they have so many nice restaurant starting from local until western restaurants.And for you for shopping lover,they have so many small shops and fashion boutiques.As you can do shopping before or after your dinning or chilling.
And now talking about my outfit,this orange dress is not new but is my very first time to wore.As i´ve bought about 2 years ago,and i just put in my wardrobe for so long,now is time to show you guys.I featured this dress with my gladiator sandals and brown hat.My shoulder bag from Marie Claire i thing is perfectly matched for my outfit.But my brown hat is just for fashion look those day,it was helped to protected me from strong and aggresive sunshine. 
Thank you for stopping by and reading guys.Pls shared your opinion here,wanna to hear from you.
Wish you all have an amazing week ahead and take care my dears.

With Love xoxo,


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