Sunday, July 22, 2018


Sunday, July 22, 2018
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Hello everyone,
How are you been?? It's been too long that I had away from my blog, as always that I was busy with my work and also I had been away for summer holiday. As you know, summer is here and it's the perfect time to have a summer holiday. Did you already plan for your summer holiday, or maybe now you're now on holiday spot or already back from holiday. Okay, anyway hope you all have a fantastic summer time so far. If you follow my instagram story and account(here) then you know where I was went on holiday. I was in Denmark for my holiday in the couple of the day ago. Mr.P and I, we stayed there for a week in summer holiday house. Time goes by very quick and one week is felt like a day. But the most important that we had a fantastic holiday and we can relaxing and enjoyed every single day on our holiday with something nice and positive activities. 

Renting a house in the middle nowhere with sand dunes in the surrounding is something unique and magical feeling. Woke up in the morning and welcoming by a beautiful sunshine and sand dunes atmosphere and soft sand flying away blowing by the wind, and smell from fresh air that came from ocean is something special that we don't have it everyday. Here are some of our pictures from our acitivity that we spent in Denmark. 

                                                                       DAY 1 IN DENMARK

On our day-1 in Denmark, we drove with car from Hamburg to Denmark about 5 hours with some rest together, after arrived in Denmark we picked up our house key at the summer house office then we went directly to our summer house. Unpacked all of our belongings and we're totally dead tired and we took a nap for whilst. After we got a better feeling and a bit more energy, we drove with a car, we went to a small harbor near by our summer house. This harbour called Hvide Sande, a bit sightseeing, walked around and ate some food and ice cream.

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Cooked spahetti after arriving in the house. 
Our living room from the summer house. 
The view from the dining table, sand dunes with green grasses.

A beautiful sunny day at Hvide Sande harbor. 

A beautiful view from the Hvide Sande harbor from the above bridge. 


Our beautiful morning on the day-2 in Denmark started with a cup of coffee and yummy breakfast with a great view of the sand dunes. 

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Started with a little adventures with walked through the sand dunes around our summer house, that actually really hard to walk as it looks on the pictures. 

Found this beauty lavender around our summer house. This lavender is made my day. 

A high sand dunes on our adventures way, this kind of sand sunes we can see much more here in Hvide Sande, Denmark. 

An emergency call number with the beach number for SOS only. 

The road to the beach is really adventure with soft sand dunes, and it's not easy peasy to walk here. 

But it's worth it to walked through this adventure road of soft sand dunes as a beautiful beach of Haurvig beach is waiting in front of us. 


Yasss.....!!! Finally, it's time that we went to the beach on our second day in Denmark. You know, that life is much easier when we're on the beach. Don't you agree? On the beach we can do relaxing, sunbathing and some water sport if you like. The sounds of wave, water, the wind that blowing and white sand with touch of my skin always gave sense of relaxing. And we need vitamin sea a lot this year. This beach is called Haurvig beach, it's along long beach that full with a white sand and sand dunes around them. 

The beach is also very quiet when we're there, it's means we can do total relaxing in silent without anyone annoy us, and we can sunbathing with really a far distance with other people. As I really hate to stay sunbathing on the beach with very close each other with alot people, seems like salted fish dried on the beach. Hahahaa...!! 

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Thanks so much again for reading my blog and for your kind comment. Wish you all have a fantastic sunday or a new week ahead. 

With Love xo, 

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