Friday, October 28, 2016

New House Suit, Halloween Deco & Hot Tea For Cold Autumn & Cozy Sunday

New House Suit, Halloween Deco & Hot Tea For Cold Autumn & Cozy Sunday
Friday, October 28, 2016
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Hello gorgeous, I hope you had a fantastic week so far. Are you ready for Halloween? I don't have any special event for Halloween this year, but I do a bit decorated at home with Halloween decoration. Not really much, but only a bit to have Halloween feeling at home. And I bought a small pumpkin few days ago at Supermarket and lucky me, they still have on stock and I got a beautiful one. These pictures were taken on last Sunday, which the weather is so cold outside on Autumn and the weather mixed between a bit sunny for short time and dark and cloudy after that. So, hubby and I, we decided to stay at home without any big plan except we did a shorty daily walked about 30 minute until 1 hour and after make a lazy and cozy Sunday. Watched some nice movies, drink a hot tea and I wore my new house suit in purple and under the purple blanket.  Lucky us, that we bought some High Tea on Saturday and directly to the Tea Shop. They have so many different high Tea from around the world. Even Tea originally import from my country too (Indonesia). I'm totally in love and big impressed. For me is difficult to choose as all looks so great and the aroma and the decent so intensive. I love to smell the fragrant and the aroma and feel like drug for me. Lol... Finally we´ve found what we like. We choose the Rooibos mixed with marzipan and the other we choose Green Tea mixed with Maracuja. The tasted from both of them is really perfect, really aromatic, so fragrance and strong decent.

Home suit - Esmara(Lidl).

First try, we choose the Rooibos with marzipan. I really love it. Hubby prepared for two.;-)

Typical Halloween and Autumn.
A simply Halloween decoration hanging on the window.
A beautiful golden Autumn the view from my living room. 

This is the Rooibos with marzipan tea.

Thank you for reading and for all your comment on my last post.

Happy weekend and take care.
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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

LookBook & VLOG in Trelde Naes - Denmark Day #6

LookBook & VLOG in Trelde Naes - Denmark Day #6
Wednesday, October 26, 2016
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Hello gorgeous, how are you today? I hope you all doing great. On my today´s post I have my LookBook and Video blogging from my holiday in Denmark on Day #6. But This time I have a different place visited. We did a bike trip from our holiday house about 9 km from home and the weather is perfect for bike trip. Even the road trip is not easy for normal bike like ours but it´s worth it to go there. As the road is like an landscape or mountain and has some high road that It´s really big recommend for your when you wanna visit Denmark one day. This place called " Trelde Naes" that´s why the beach also knows as Trelde Naes beach. On our way from time to time we did a short break and we taken some shooted from the beautiful nature and landscape around. 
A beautiful small river, wild grasses around and quiet road that you can really enjoyed with your bike trip and of course safe too. Trelde Naes is located at Fredericia in the South Jutland and it´s nature friendly and beautiful flat beach with white sand, beautiful bay or called Fjord in Denmark. On this place (Trelde Naes), the wave is more active than in other side of the beach (Hvidbjerg beach). Because Trelde Naes beach is more bay and has more contact direct with    
the ocean, that´s why the wave is bigger than Hvidbjerg beach. Hvidbjerg is also known as the highest white mountain and has a very attractive beach with white sand and quiet beach and great beach for relaxing. Hvidbjerg beach, I already post on my blog on my latest post. But Trelde Naes is also very an attractive beach with white sand and quiet and very special beach with woods, steps sloope, and green valleys and a great beach for swimmers too. In the area you can walk with 3 different path of 1-2 or 3 kilometers, marked with red, yellow and blue.

Please watch my Youtube Channel:
LookBook & Vlog in Trelde Naes - Denmark Day #6"

 When I arrived at Fredericia and take a short break taken some pictures and enjoyed the beautiful nature around. 
 I have some a little tips before you go to this beautiful place Trelde Naes:

1). Big recommend that you take your bike, when you have your mountain bike it will be perfect because of the road is more high road and mountain.
With bike you can enjoy the nature much more and you can make a short break everytime you see beautiful nature or take some photos. But at first, big check on your bike, how was your bike condition and air pressure on your bike´s wheels. 

2). Prepare your aids box and tool box.
You never know what will happened when you do your bike trip, of course we always wish that everything is safe and running smoothly, but is nothing wrong when you have your aids box on your bike´s bag to help you when you have accident or you have an injured. Tool box, is also very important thing that you should put on your bike´s bag, because you´ll never know when something happened with your bike suddenly, and there´s no bike´s repaired in the area around. You´ll big thanks to your tool that you bring later on. 

3). Don´t forget to bring enough some snack and foods for your lunch. Because is rare or difficult to find a Restaurant or Cafe to buy some food or snack in the surrounding area. As I visited there, I only saw one Cafe but it looks closed at the moment. So. you´ll glad when you bring your own snack and foods. 

4).Don´t forget to bring you own drink an example mineral water or some healthy juice for your bike trip. As enough drink on your bike trip is really important, because may you lose so much sweat and needs more liquid for your body. And big notice that is not easy to buy drink on your way, because is not easy or rare to find a Restaurants, Cafe or even mini market. On my experienced, on my way to Trelde Naes, mostly is nature and houses through on my road trip. So I almost not seen a Restaurant or Cafe around. 

5). Bring your bikini and your beach towel, may you will enjoy the beach there in Trelde Naes and you wanted to do sunbathing. It´s swimmer friendly and it´s a beautiful beach with white sand, it´s rare of tourist and you can enjoy your relaxing time. Or maybe some local with their dog doing daily walked. 

A beautiful small river/canal on our way to Trelde Naes and located at Fredericia. 

  I take a short break after our bike trip and felt so glad that finally arrived at an fantastic place.

I´m really enjoyed this quietness without any busy with tourist, only few people doing their daily walked with their dog.

After our bike trip to Trelde Naes, we had a big hungry. So I cooked this yummy food for our late lunch. 

Thank you for stopping by and reading guys. Hope you like my post and wish you all have a fantastic day.

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