Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Boho Girl With Boho Bikini on The Beach - Denmark Holiday, Day #3

Boho Girl With Boho Bikini on The Beach - Denmark Holiday, Day #3
Wednesday, September 28, 2016
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Hello gorgeous, I hope you had a fantastic weekend and ready to rock the new week. I wanna welcome to fall/Autumn but lucky us that we still have an amazing hot weather for beginning of fall here in Hamburg. The weekend the weather in Hamburg really fantastic. Even I can see it and feel it day by day that the day became shorter everyday but I love this kind of fall weather. But before I do post for some of my fall look and collection, I still have some pictures from my late summer holiday in Denmark. This pictures are on my DAY #3 on my holiday in Denmark. On day #3 it was really amazing weather, so hot sunny day and the half day we stayed on the beach. Sunbathing, play in the water and laying down on the white sand and beach walked with my loves one. I wore my boho bikini on my beach day, and this boho bikini is from New Yorker and I bought on sale and may you all knows already on my preview post that I post on Haul Youtube Video and Blog Post
The beach were I have been visited and stayed the half day there, It´s really amazing beach and so quiet it´s called Hvidbjerg beach. Almost no tourist, no busy and no entertainment and of course the best place for us to relaxing and enjoyed our holiday. We can do sunbathing almost anywhere we wanted as the beach is really quiet empty and we have so much option to find some spot that the best for us closed to the beach. Maybe some of people prefer really busy beach and with lots of tourist together and when you do sunbathing is looks like from bump to bump(Lol...). But for me personally I prefer a quiet beach, because than I can really relax and far from a busy life for a moment. This beach with white sand, fantastic landscape make this beach has a great view, and a small bridge that make you easy to jump to the water. 

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you like my post and my beach outfit.
Wish you all have a amazing and successful week ahead.

We can walk on the bridge or jump to the water.

A beautiful small bridge that really helpful for the visitor/tourist.

Here are some photos selfie from my Samsung camera & small camera:

What I wore:
Boho Bikini - New Yorker (you can find here)
Boho Earings - Fashion Jewelry (you can find here)

Stay gorgeous peeps,
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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Haul & LookBook From New Yorker, Tally Weilj, Colloseum & Tako Fashion

Haul & LookBook From New Yorker, Tally Weilj, Colloseum & Tako Fashion
Wednesday, September 21, 2016
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Hello gorgeous, how are you? I hope you have a great week so far. On my today´s post I would like to show you all my new latest summer and early fall collection from my wardrobe. These post is all about haul new items from New Yorker, Tally Weilj, Tako Fashion and Colloseum. On my new collection mostly are boho style as I´m really a boho addicted and boho lover lately. As you know, these boho is before and now is really bumming and still trend. Started from boho top, bikini and also clutch bag. Did you like boho as well as I do?? Tell me which part of boho is mostly your favorite?? My items that I bought, mostly are on sale. As summer is end and fall is coming to us. That´s why you can get so many gorgeous items with a great price on sale. With these items I made a new video on my haul video and lookbook. Please have a short look the way I paired it all my new items on my youtube video and subscribe when you like.      
Are you ready for fall?? 

My Youtube Channel:

1). Boho Top From Tako Fashion 

2).Pant From Tako Fashion

With this boho top you can paired it with this pant as I show you on this pictures. Or you can paired it with other color for example something in unicolor like white, black or grey and etc.

3).Pant From Tako Fashion

This boho top, it looks great too with white short pant or even a long pant as you like.

4)Top From New Yorker

When you already check it out my youtube video I paired it this top with my white skinny ripped jean, and It look perfect with strong orange color.

5). Boho Top From New Yorker 
I love this yellow boho top and on my youtube video I show the way I paired it with my white short pant. It looks more bright and chic. Hope you like it the way I paired it this top.

6).Boho Blouse From Clockhouse(C&A)

With this boho blouse you can pair it with whatever you want. A long pant, short pant or skirt all are looks great. But I prefer with my skinny ripped jean. Please check it out on my youtube channel.

7).Off shoulder Top From Blockhouse(C&A)

8).Top From Colloseum

9).Bikini in Boho and Fringe Style

10).Clutch Bag in Boho and Fringe Style From Claire
My favorite clutch bag this time, looks chic and gorgeous.

11).Legging From Kary Mix

12).Sport Bra From Kerry Mix

13). Lingerie in Lace Style From TCM 

Thank you for stopping by gorgeous. Hope you like my post and my new items. Tell me which one is your most favorite??
Please share your though. Wish you all have a fantastic week ahead.
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