Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Bronze & Nude Addicted

Bronze & Nude Addicted
Tuesday, June 28, 2016
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Hello beauties,
How are you today??Today post I wanted to show you some of my new make-up collection and how to apply a simply nude lipstick to looks more gorgeous.Summer is still around us,why not we put make-up on and shows your natural beauty face.I always love bronze and nude make-up even I also love strong make-up too.Bronze and nude is always flexible,we can put on daily basis make-up or in the day-time make-up.Both of them is just not look too aggressive for a daily and day-time make-up.But for sure,you can put on these make-up too on the night,when you wanted just look simply natural.You can make a combination with red lipstick to pop-up your make-up on night time,for chilling with friends,dinner with your loves one or even party event.Bronze is always perfect for summer,specially to whom may wanted to have a tanning look and sexy look for perfect summer.

To make this nude lip,I put my nude lipstick from RL de young and lip liner from Maybelline and at first don´t forget to put lip balm to make your lip softer.

All product;
Creme Gel Make-Up-Maybelline New York(you can find here)
Flawless Lose Powder-Uma Cosmetic(you can find here)
Bronze Baked-R L de Young(you can find here)
Nude Lipstick-R L de Young(you can find here)
Eye Brow Pencil-LT Pro(similar here)
Lip Liner Pencil-Maybelline New York(you can find here)

Thank you so much for stopping by peeps and stay beauty.Wish you all have a amazing week.
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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

White & Turquoise For Visiting Birds Park

White & Turquoise For Visiting Birds Park
Tuesday, June 21, 2016
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Hello my gorgeous peeps,
How are you been??I hope all of you feel great and I come back since few days off again from blogging.
I miss you all of course.Today´s post I want to show my simply street look on my special day to visit a biggest park.My boho top in white color and quarter pant in turquiose and combination with my leopard sneaker.
Simply comfort and light for my street look to visit a big park.Lots of beautiful flowers and beautiful animal and exotic animals too.It was so much fun to be here.And of course I can take a lot of picture from the beautiful flowers and animals.
This place is located in the North of Germany(Bremen) and is called "Vögel Park".You´ll have so much fun to be here.Don´t forget to bring your camera when you wanna visit this place.It´s a lots of interesting things and beautiful creatures.For some of you who love live animal show,they have special time for that.They have a live animal show directly in the middle of the park.This time I could not see the live show,as we came to late.But in summer time is always full for entrance and also in the area of live animal show.To make sure that you want to join the live show,please come earlier and for sure you´ll get the seats.Those day the weather in the beginning was nice and sun shining and in the end was rained and thanks God that I don´t forget my outwear from Zara to keep me warm from breeze.Lol....
I hope you like my outfit and enjoy some my pictures.

Always love the fragrance from the beautiful flower.

With my outwear from Zara to keep me a bit warm after a bit rain.

 Amazing bird and so beautiful.It´s one of my favorite bird.

My Look;
Pant-Pena House

Thank you for stopping by and visiting my blog and for some awesome comments on my last post 

Stay gorgeous peeps...!!!
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Sunday, June 05, 2016

Retro Stripe Coat

Retro Stripe Coat
Sunday, June 05, 2016
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Hello beautiful peeps,
How are you all?Exactly summer is here and everyday the weather is getting hotter.But the weather in the last few weeks getting a bit confusing.Few days sun shinning and hot and few days rainy days and a bit cold.You should prepare yourself as I do.On this post I show you my outfit from few days ago when the weather getting a bit colder.Getting flexible in all around weather with the outfit and fashion when you gonna out from home.My first thing to do is,always check it out what the actual weather for today than I´ll decided what kind of outfit that i shall wear it.For an example for this look that I wore,the weather look hot and sun shinning but still a bit cold and strong windy for spring/summer,so I decided to wore this outfit with my bootcut leg jean and retro coat,and my comfort ankle boots from H&M.

So peaceful and beautiful nature.

My Look:
Retro Coat-Anne L(similar here)
Bootcut Leg Jean-Clock House/C&A(similar here)
Bag-Jimmy Choo
Ankle Boots-H&M(similar here)
Sun Glasses-Ami Clubwear(similar here)
Earings-Forever 21(similar here)
Scarf-Clock House/C&A(similar here)

Get The Look:

1).Asos Duster Coat in Astec Jacquard-105.63€
2). Spiral Hoop Earring Set €7,00

Thank you for stopping by and reading peeps.Thank you for all your a awesome comment on my last post Flower Power-Boho Look.


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