Friday, October 10, 2014

Be Wild Looks With Leopard Style


What I Wore

Pant-Pena House, Top-H&M, Shoes-Taywin, Handbag-Fashion, Hat-Walker Boutique, Bracelet-Viva Loco, Ring-Viva Loco, Necklace-Viva Loco, Sunglasses-Super, Lipstick-Maybelline, Earing-Bijou Brigitte.

Hello beauties,how was your week so far??`s Friday,big smile
and be happy.I hope you have a wonderful week and ready to rockin the weekend with your loves one,family or friends.Here i have lots of pictures from my last weekend outfit.Talking about leopard style or wild style,who doesn`t love this style???I´m sure many of you ladies love this style.And yes i´m one of them whom really love and crazy of leopard or tiger style.I think this style is never out of trend.And i love kind of wild style is not only leopard style but any kind of wild style.This time i picked up tiger top and combination with red pant as i love strong color for my style.And for the perfect looks i took brown hat,sunglasses,tiger handbag and some gold accesories.And i love my new tiger shoes from "Taywin".This shoes is so comfort and looks chick and it´s one of my favorite now.And it was on sale were i bought it.I´m lucky that we had a great weather were we taken the photoshot as you see at background is beautiful sunny day.Yeach...exactly here now is rainy season even the temperatur still so hot and sometime up than 30C.And the humidity is so high so this is just my idea to have photoshot in the poolside at my house coumpound.Come back to my outfit,what do you think guys??Hope you all enjoy my posted and give you some outfit ideas.
Thank you so much for stopping by and reading everyone...!!!
Wish you all happy Friday and wonderful weekend....!!!
Keep in touch and with Love xoxo,


  1. beautiful prints

  2. You are so pretty, love the outfit. Glad we can follow each other.


    1. Auwww....thank you so much dear +Selma Alidini.You are so pretty as well.
      Glad that you loved it and glad that we can follow each other.
      Happy Monday & kisses.♥



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