Friday, February 15, 2019


Friday, February 15, 2019
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Hello my loves,
How was your a new month started? And Valentine's day is coming. Do you have any plans with your loved one or friends? Whatever your plans with someone special or maybe even your best friend, I hope you have a fantastic day. In my opinion that Valentine day is not only for in love couple, but it can be to someone special like a best friend or family or someone special in your life. If you may have no boyfriend or partner, don't be sad, you may find someone special very soon. Never give up to find real love in your life. Get up, dress up and go out and having fun with your friends, if you may still single. Don't let sadness or loneliness killing you on Valentine's day because you don't have a partner or lover. Everyone is deserved to have happiness in their life. 

If you may have no other choice to be alone at home because of you have no lover or partner or all your friends are busy with their partner here are some tips for you on Valentine's day, do something else that makes you not bored or lonely at home. For an example:

  1. Reading book. Choosing your favorite book to read, to make your brain a bit busy and forget all your sadness. 
  2. Watch your favorite movie(I would recommend more comedy movie) on Netflix or maybe Amazon prime. Comedy movie will help you get a laugh as much as you can and release your stress and loneliness. 
  3. Do "me time" sunbathing at home with some aromatherapy, some beautiful flowers, and listening to your favorite songs. Sunbathing will help you more calm down and release all your stress and feel like a newborn. 
  4. Doing yoga or workout at home will boost your motivation, and your happiness up and of course release your stress, sadness, and your loneliness. 
  5. Doing make-up course at home. Make-up course will help you to train yourself your make-up skill or makeup routine. 

Valentine's day is only for a day, so hopefully, you'll survive and life goes on. And I hope these tips will help you with some single ladies out there. 

Now, I would like to talk about my look in this post. I wore leo faux fur coat from H&M and as everyone knows that leo printed is also on trends since last year and continue also this year. Let's be wild and let's be cool with leo look. This leo coat is one of my fave coat from last year. This coat is thick and very soft fake fur. In this style, I pair the leo coat with red sweater and fake leather skirt from Orsay.
For my look I love to pair it with my over knee boots. Of course you can choose for your like, as heels, pumps or even ankle boots. You can play with this leo coat with some style. You can pair them with long jeans, midi skirt, pencil skirt or even pleated skirt. Which most favorite look that will you pair with leo coat??

What I Wore:

                                   Thanks so much again for reading my blog and have an awesome midweek ahead. 
💝HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY💝 to you all, even you're a single, married, or engaged. 

                                                                                With Love xo💋
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Tuesday, February 05, 2019


Tuesday, February 05, 2019
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Hello, my dears,
I hope this winter make you stronger and survive from the cold. Did you miss springtime as I do? But wait, winter time with white snow it could be wonderful and I totally love it. Who's with me? We can take so much photo shooting with the background some trees that cover up with white snow and playing snow that lay on the ground. Yasss....finally my wishes come true, that I would love to see white snow again early this year. As the winter is already hard with so much cold, dark and grey, so the white snow is always giving and show their beauty and wonderful scenery. Which season is your most fave? Do you love winter time with white snow, or you prefer springtime when all the flowers are blooms or summer time when the weather is really hot and you can wear shorts, top, and all those summer clothes? 

Whatever is your most fave season, let's make the best of it to enjoy every season and every moment to play with the right style and look. 
As the topic in this post, it's about how to wear one coat with 2 different looks, so here we go that I show you how I wearing my black coat with 2 different looks. 


On my first look, I wore my black coat with a royal blue knit sweater and my skinny jeans. As you see in the picture that in the background with white snow, it means the temperature on that day is very cold, I picked my black hat with pom-pom and white pearl and my boho scarf also in royal blue. The ankle boots that I wore is pop-up my look and look more shiny under the sun and snow. My round up crossbody bag, that I bought from Zara is still one of my fave bags that it's simply chic and super easy to go. Black is neutral color but black is also sexy color. If I wore a black coat, normally I pop-up with a bright color that makes me look more interesting and chic. Black, you can easily pair it with blue, red, yellow, green, and some other colors. 

What I wore:
Coat - H&M(here)
Knit Sweater - Zara(here/here)
Jeans - Zero(here)
Pom-pom Hat - H&M(here)
Ankle Boots - Deichmann(here/here)
Bag - Zara(here)


On my second look, I pair my black coat with wine red turtle sweater and my Leo pant. This look was taken on my shopping day in the city as my street style shot. Red color it looks never out of trends this day. This color is always on trends and especially last year and maybe this year will continue on trends. Leo printed style is getting crazy booms last year and will look as Leo and snake printed these two are always my fave style that shows how brave and be wild. 

What I wore:
Sweater - Zero(here)
Pant - H&M(here)
Headband - Colloseum(here)
Earrings - Claires(here/here)
Boots - Deichmann
Scarf - Peckot(here)
Bag - Zara(here)

                                           Thanks so much again for reading my blog and have an awesome new week ahead. 
With Love xo, 
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