Tuesday, March 05, 2019


Tuesday, March 05, 2019
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Hello my dears,
I hope you had a fantastic weekend and have a great week to you all. As a few days already that we have bad weather, therefore I don't do so much photo shot outside. These pictures, it was taken a few weeks ago before I cut my hair in a bit shorter. I don't really like to take pictures when outside is so much rain and dark weather. Do you blue color lover?? I'm one of blue color lover, and I know so many different blue colors that all of them are so pretty in different color look. Blue color is my second favorite color.  In this look, I wanted to share my latest look with my shade of blue look, it's combination color from navy blue sweater with flower print that I bought from Tom Taylor and the artic blue skirt that I bought from Orsay on last year. And it's my very first worn in this look. I hope you like so much this combination look as I do. 

As the sweater is already full of flower printed, so I choose for my bottom a skirt with one color to make this look, not overdress. I choose an extra a black tights with flower details on it, to pop-up a bit this look. Tights are also back to trends nowadays with so many kinds of different detail and printed on it. You can choose tights starting from simply detail until some crazy detail as your wish. I bought these tights from H&M, you can find in some different color and different style too at H&MCalzedonia, or C&A. Finding the right tights for your look, it helps you to pop-up your look and of course makes us more sexy, elegant and also feminine all in one. I collected some tights more in black and beige colors, as they're more easy to pair with some bright color clothes.

What I Wore:
Sweater - Tom Taylor(similar here/here)
Skirt - Orsay(here)
Bag - ysl
Shoes - Deichmann(here/here)

Thanks so much again for reading my blog and for your kind comment. Wish you all have a fantastic new week ahead. 

With Love 💋
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Wednesday, February 27, 2019


Wednesday, February 27, 2019
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Hello my loves,
I'm sure everyone wishing a better day after a dark and grey day, just like me. A dark and grey day in winter time it can be so depressive, so this sunny day it helped me to motivate myself to smile and happy with just no reason. For me, it's so true that love and happiness is in the sun. Because I know myself, how hard is my day in the winter time when there's no sun for some days? It's a really hard day without sun, do you feel that too? looks like that spring comes on his way. Surely, I can't wait for springtime always so beautiful when all the flowers are bloom and all the leave are back to green and it looks so alive and can't be more beautiful and wonderful nature around. After winter time, spring is also one of my favorite seasons in the year. Starting last week that the weather here in Hamburg is a better and better, super sunny day and getting warm on the day time. I can only wear my sweater and my long jeans and chill out on the balcony and had barbeque time with Mr.P. It was our first BBQ time for this year and this time it was the best and we never did BBQ in the middle of February. 

In this look I wore again my yellow coat, I'm sure you know already if you follow me on my Instagram or my preview post here. The different from my preview look is that I pair this yellow coat with my regular black jeans with some black pearl details and my ankle boots that still one of the fave boots all of the time. Did you know why I love these boots so much? It's because flat and so comfortable whilst you have to work and long stand or for my daily wear. The yellow color is back to trend again this year and for the spring season. Nothing is new in this look but I hope you like same like as I do. How lucky in this photo shoot that the weather is really great that brought so much love and happiness. 

What I Wore:
Coat - Anne L(here)
. Jeans - H&M(here)
. Boots - Deichmann(here/here)
. Bag - Zara
. Sunglasses - Six(here/here)

Thanks so much again for reading my blog and for your kind comment. Wish you all have a fantastic midweek ahead. 
With Love 💋
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Monday, February 25, 2019


Monday, February 25, 2019
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Hello everyone,
today I wanted to share with you about fusilli pasta recipe from Kintan's Euroasia kitchen. Nowadays, who doesn't like pasta?? Pasta has so many different variations recipes. And are you one of pasta lover than you're here right stopping by on my blog. Which one is your most favorite pasta? For me, fusilli, spaghetti, and penne rigate pasta three of them are the most of my favorite pasta. I cooked three of them with some different recipes. I cooked pasta almost once a week or latest once in two weeks. Normally I cooked pasta more in the weekend or Sunday. As it's more joy to cooked and to eat together with my husband. Pasta is always made us happy and joy and we can always eat together with a big family or just two of us, or maybe with friends or kids. Let's start to talk about pasta recipe, shall we?? Ok, here we go;

. 500 grams fusilli pasta or you can mix with penne rigate same like mine.
1packed sausages(cut the sausage in sideways in a thin slice)
. 10 pcs dried tomato(cut it into 2 slices)
. 6 pcs cherry tomato(cut it into 2 or 3 slices)
. 3 bars spring onion(cut it in sideways)
. 1 pinch of salt
. 1 or 2 garlic (remove the skin and hacked)
1 big onion (remove the skin and cut into 2 pieces and a half slice)
1 tsp vegetable oil
. 1 tsp white pepper 
2 tsp olive oil or vegetable oil
. 2 of fresh chili/chili powder(if you use fresh chili, cut it into slice)
1 pinch of oregano
1 pinch of thyme

1. For the fusilli & penne rigate pasta, prepare a top with hot water on half full water. Cooked the pasta about 10 minutes and prepare a big bowl to let dry the pasta and pour olive oil or butter for the pasta(as you need). To make not sticky. 

2. Prepare a big wok or a big pan with vegetable oil, turn on the flame into max, and wait for the oil until getting hot, fry the garlic into hot oil and follow by the onion. Fry them until a bit brown and follow by sausage that you already prepared, and with the same process, fry them until a bit brown and crunchy. 

3. Pour the pasta into a wok/pan, and mix them with all the ingredients, then pour the salt, pepper, oregano, thyme, and also the chilis. Again, mixing it all until the pasta and all ingredients very well mixed and come out the aroma in about 5-8mnt. For the last step, pour the dried tomato, spring onion and also cherry tomatoes, mix well together with the pasta. But please leave them a bit for the last step topping on the serve(dried tomato, spring onion, and cherry tomatoes).
Prepare a big bowl to serve your pasta and now let decorate/topping with dried tomato, spring onion, and cherry tomatoes. Voilaaa...., pasta is ready!!!

Thanks so much again for reading my blog and hope you enjoy my recipe. Wish you all have a fantastic new week ahead. 
With Love xo, 
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