Monday, October 13, 2014

Beautiful Weekend With Orange Looks


What I Wore
Top-Zara,Blazer-Haas&Zeinn,Pant-Pena House,Glasses-Ray-Ban,Bag-LV,Belt-F&F,Necklace-Viva Loco,Earing-Forever 21,Ring-Viva Loco,Watch-Alexander Christie,Wedges Shoes-Taywin,Lipstick-Maybelline.

Hello Fashionista,i hope you had a wonderful´s Monday,back to routine and prepare for the week activities.Here i would like to presented some of my outfit from my weekend outfit.This time i love to picked up orange top and blazer and mixed with brown pant from my wardrobe.And this blazer from "Haas&Zeinn",is comfort and thin.It´s perfect choose for this kind of weather(rainy season).Orange is exactly not really my favourite color,but i love to play strong colors for my outfit.I love to do combination between strong colors and soft colors.And finally this is the result between strong color and soft color.I added a bit wild style with wedges shoes snake printed style from "Taywin".I love this wedges shoes so comfort,light and looks chick and beautiful designed.This wedges is one of my favourite wedges shoes now.
What do you think about my oufit??Love to hear from your opinion.
Thank you for stopping by and reading...!!!
Wish you all have a marvelous week ahead.....!!!
Keep in touch & kisses xoxo,

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