Friday, October 03, 2014

Red Jumpsuit

What I Wore

Heels-Taywin,Necklace-Diva,Bracelet-Viva Loco,Rings-Diva,Belt-NewLook,Handbag-unknown,Red Jumpsuit-unknown.
Sunglasses-Garage Rocks,Earings-Forever 21.

Hello beauties,how was your day so far??I hope you have a beautiful day.Here is my late post from my outfit some days ago were i had a meeting with friends.This time i choose a strong color for beautiful day and beautiful jumpsuit finally is my outfit those day.Red exactly is my favorite color.Even,i love jumpsuit but exactly i´m not so often wore this kind a jumpsuit as normally a bit complicated to wear.I took a combination strong red jumpsuit with gold accesories,black & white heels and red hangbag.I really love this combination.I´ve did mixed between some a new stuffs and old stuffs.Some of them i was not used for a long time,than finally i took out from my wardrobe.Yeach...why not sometime we used some old stuff again.What do you think about outfit guys??I´ll really appreciated for all your comments and opinion.

Thank you so much and wish you all have a marvelous Friday peeps. 

With Love & Kisses xoxo


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