Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Preview Pictures 2014 Part 1

Hello beauties,how are you all??Almost a week that we have a new year,i hope all your activities are running perfectly and successfully.Here i have preview pictures from my outfit last year 2014.I knew,that i´m really a new born in blogging world.That´s why maybe my blog still not perfect yet.I´ve had learned so many things and to know many new friends,more experiences that i´ve got.And of course i have the biggest suport from my beloved hubby who always supported me from many things and to make this my passion about fashion it happend.As he is my photografer from mostly pictures on my blog.My million thanks to my beloved hubby for everything for the love and support and for the time that he always gave me to do my passion.And massive thanks to all my lovely follower and readers for some nice comment and love.Without you guys i´m nothing.You are really rocks.

The passed year 2014 is gone so fast,and i´m proud with my new activity in blogging world that i´ve started last year.And my wishes and target this new year to make my blog more interesting with update more new outfit idea and great pictures from new fashion idea.Wishes to make my blog much better than last year.I´ll keep work hard for that and keeping up.Please enjoy my preview pictures from last year.


Thank you lovely readers for stopping by and reading.
Have a wonderful New Year.

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  1. Great style.Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you so much dear Busola Coutts.
      Happy New Year 2015.Best wishes to you.
      Kintan xoxo

  2. Awesome recap, Kintan. I love all looks, I can't pick just one, because they all are so beautiful. Great pictures, girl. OMG!!! Those mani is awesome. Love thse nails, looks so cool and glam.

    1. Auww....thank you so much again,for your lovely comment and always support.
      I love your style and your blog as well.
      Have a wonderful day.
      Kintan,Kisses xoxo

  3. Great post, all looks are beautiful!!
    happy new year 2015!

    1. Auww....thank you so much dear Ainhoa for your lovely comment.
      So kind of you.;-)
      Happy New Year 2015.Best wishes to you.
      Kisses,Kintan xoxo



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