Friday, January 09, 2015

Preview Pictures 2014 Part 2

Hello beauties,i hope you had a wonderful day so far.Here i have another part from my preview outfit and pictures from last year 2014.So sorry for a bit late,as i have a busy week for starting my New Year.Came back to my normal routine and activities as dance,fitness and meeting with good friends.But today i have my time to seating in front of my computer and continue with my preview pictures.Hey...anyway how was your actvities goes so far??Is´t running successfully as plans??I hope so.And today even feel tired and exhausted after back from gym and dancing with Zumba,but i feel happy to have such a wonderful day strong sunshine and bluesky,always gave me a good mood and positive mind.I trying to enjoyed my day and my life,no matter what.Because we never knows,what will going on in the next day.Life is always full surprised.And we can make million of plans and wishes but i believed that all can happend in "God´s Hand".

I try always be grateful and enjoying everyday what i have,because i believed everyday is a gift from God.Enjoying what we have everyday with someone we love,as family,partner,bestfriend or people in our life is kind of blessing.Never stop to say," I Love You" to someone we love.And no matter what is your plans and your wishes this year,may all are coming true and God bless you all.
Stay safe wherever you are.

"Preview Pictures 2014 Part 2"

"Welcoming Rainy Season with Kimono"


"Colourful dress For A Party"

"Stay Healthy,Fit & Shape With Fitness Routine"

"Summer Get Away in Hua-Hin Part 1"

"Fun & Great Time With Oktoberfest Party"

"Unforgetable Moment With Salsa Bangkok Fiesta 2013"

"Short Trip Getaway to The Beach Part 1"

"Lose in Small Paradise With Floral Bikini"

"Date Night With Orange Look"

"Stay Cool With Denim Outfit"

"Floral Skirt For A Beautiful Day"

"German Summer Holiday 2013"

"Denim Style For A Beautiful Summer Holiday in Germany"

"Green Olive"

"Floral Skirt"

"Red Skirt & Stripe Top"

"Welcoming My Family With Stripe Maxi"

"Christmas Shopping With Black & White"

"Special Christmas Celebration in the Hot Bangkok"

Thank you for passing by and reading guys.
Now please share your though and opinion.
Have a wonderful day and stay safe. 

Love xoxo
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