Friday, November 27, 2015

Being A Tourist At My Second Home-Germany

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How are you today?Thanks is Friday,hope you´re ready to rock the weekend or even maybe just plan to stay home and have a relax time.
I have some pictures from my last summer holiday.Here it´s,that i´m being a tourist at my second home in Germany.The weather those day is very beautiful and sun is shining.So,it´s perfect day to do sight seeing around the city specially in the hidden places as this a small old street behind the town hall in Bremen,Germany.This old street is my favorite place in this city.Some of you maybe knows,from my oldest post about this place.Don´t forget to visit this place when you´re around Bremen,Germany.This street called "Schnoor street",and everytime i´m here i always feel that i´m back to an old time and to an old century.This street were located at the most highlighted area in Bremen city where surrounded by the most incredible an old houses,museum,bar and some nice restaurant and also the Bremer Cathedral.This place is my fav place to chilled out and shopping in Bremen city.The shopping street with the view of Bremer Cathedral is made this city really amazing and special scenery.
Taking a lot pictures in summer time with city life view and old houses around is never get enough.And No.1 my favorite that happened in this Bremer Town Hall in December is the Christmas Market.I really missing this amazing event.When really cold weather outside and maybe snowing,and walking around through the Christmas market and i love to enjoy the Hot Wine.So sad,that Christmas time this year,i´ll not be able to visit Christmas market in Germany.I´ll plan to celebrate my Christmas in Bangkok in the hot weather instead of cold weather or snowing.I´ll talk a bit more about Christmas market i think in the next post.I hope i can make it.
Anyway,do you like my simply outfit with denim look?I´m sure that you knows my top that i worn already a few time on my last post.each...i still love my white denim jeans.Did you know with my backpack?This backpack i´ve borrowed from my Mum in law.She´s so kind and the best Mum in law ever.She let me use her backpack for my sightseeing day.It was very a comfort backpack and big space for all my belonging.My new knitwear i´ve bought from Zara and nude color is absolutely easy to combine with other color.And i already worn this knitwear very often.

Some nice bar and restaurant around this nice Schnoor street.

     Some nice souvenir shop for typical Bremen and German.
You can choose what you like to shop in this old street.Even bag,accessories and much more.
Bremen City life in summer time.

My Look,
Boyfriend Jeans-Workshop(Similar Here)
Top-Emily Casual(Similar Here)
Sneaker-Marie Claire(Similar Here)
Backpack-Unknown(Similar Here)
Knitwear-ZARA(Thailand)-(Similar Here)

Thank you my dears for stopping by and reading.Hope you like all my post.
Wish you have a wonderful Friday.Take care.
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