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Wear White Lace Dress For My Last Day Of 2015

 Hello my dearest readers,
Happy New Year 2016 everyone...!!How was your NYE??Are you ready for the new start??I spent my last day on 2015 and New Year Evening in Pattaya with hubby and we stayed in 5 star hotel with has really amazing resort and beach front view.I have so many pictures from my last day on 2015,which really has an wonderful day and enjoyed such amazing sunset from the beach front hotel.I really falling in love with this hotel resort from the first time we came.This is also our very first time to stayed in this hotel,it´s called "Ravindra Hotel Resort,Pattaya".This hotel resort has really charm,comfort,very big area with has so many different place to do your activities,such as spa,yoga,table tennis,football game,and has 3 different swimming pools for the guest and beach front view that make this hotel really special.And we got the room on the first floor and with pool view and tropical garden view and close to the beach.And every room has own balcony.It´s really amazing...!!!
Anyway,how you spend your last day on 2015??Did you went out for holiday or spending time at with your family?Whatever what you did,i hope that you really enjoyed your last day on 2015 and feel happy with your past.
Yes,2015 is only past now and new year 2016 is awaiting us.Let open the new chapter of new life,new plan,new change.The past is always great teacher to be better for the future.For me specially,i always learn from my mistake and fail that I´ve done on the past year.Did you have any plan or schedule or maybe wishlist for this new year??For me I have a big plan,big change and new life for this year.Just wait in few month or few weeks that I´ll move to Europe.Yeach...i´m so exciting of this big thing in my life.How about you my dears??What is your plan or wishlist for this new year??Whatever is your plan and wishlist for this year,i hope all is coming true.
 Anyway,did you like my outfit?I wore my new white lace mini dress,that i bought some weeks ago but this my very first time that i wore it.I featured it with my gladiator sandals that´s no more new but i still love it so much.With this outfit I went to the beach enjoyed walked through the beach and enjoyed sunset on the last day of 2015,that´s really amazing sunset that i ever seen.Hope it´s means a positive thing happened for the future and I thank you for great year 2015 that i had with much happiness and successful.

I wish you all a Happy New Year 2016...!!!
Wish you have a fantastic year with much more happiness,successful,prosperity and healthy.

 Waiting sunset on the last day of 2015.

 They have 3 different pools in this hotel and behind me is pool No.1 and No.2 and directly in front of my hotel room.
Behind me is swimming pool No.1,looks so crowded but beautiful pool.
 Busy taking photo shot in front of my balcony with pool view and tropical garden view.

 I feeling well from the first time i came here and staying in this hotel for the first time.Five star hotel with really big area and big resort and beach front hotel.

This small pool is directly in front of my hotel room and we stayed in the first floor. 

This is the stage is prepare ad ready for NYE.
I´m ready to open a new chapter of my life on new year 2016.
The shadow from hubby and me,while we enjoying the beach and waiting of last sunset on 2015. 
 Sunset from end of 2015 is begin.
 I´m enjoying last sunset of 2015,and counting blessing from 2015 that i received.

Look forward and never look back,hello New Year 2016....!!!!
 Let the past became a history and let the future became a mystery.

2015 has an end.

 Long time ago,this the most amazing sunset that i ever seen.I have a fantastic time to enjoyed this view on my last day 2015.

Hope my future and my new life so amazing and fantastic look as this sunset.Hope yours too my dear....!!!!

My Look,
White Mini Lace Dress-Heart Soul(HS)
Gladiator Sandals-Shuberry
Earing-Forever 21
Bracelet-Viva Loco

Thank you for reading and for your visited on my blog.See you soon on my next post with my NYE outfit.
With Love XOX,
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  1. amazing pictures and beautiful dress.


    1. Hello dear Carol,thank you so much for your a great comment.
      Wish you a Happy New Year 2016.Kisses

  2. Hi Kintan, happy 2016!!
    I hope you had a nice NYE!!! Welcoming the new year with something airy like a white lace dress is really a peculiar idea and I like how you've styled it because it looks really stronger :) You rock, girl!!!
    Here was pretty cold but I've enjoyed it :D

    1. Hello dear Valentina,thank you so much for your awesome comment.Love always to read your comment.I hope you had an fantastic NYE too.Happy New Year 2016 and wish you all the best and good luck.So glad,that you loved my style.Big kiss from Bangkok.<3

  3. Cheers for a lovely 2016! Wishing you a great year for you and your family.

    xoxo from the Philippines,

    1. Hello dear Joanna,thank you so much for your kindly wishes and thank your for your visited and comment on my blog.I wish you have a amazing New Year too and wish you all the best for this year.Kisses from BKK.

  4. Amazing pics!!!my best wishes to you , happy new year!!!

    1. Auww...thank you so much dear for your a great comment on my post.Wish you have a amazing weekend.Kisses

  5. beautiful photos

  6. Pretty lace dress. Love the beach and sunset photos. I am now your newest follower of your blog. Happy new year.

    1. Thank you so much dear Nancy for your a great comment and followed my blog.Wish you have a great weekend.XOX

  7. Stunning photos.

    1. Auww....thank you so much my dear for your awesome comment.Have a wonderful weekend.XOX

  8. Really awesome photo. these was really great. which this location??

    african fabric wholesale

    1. Auww...thank you so much for your stopping by and leaving a great comment.This place is in Pattaya,Thailand.;-)

  9. Self Portrait is definitely one of my new favorite brands. They always have such amazing lace pieces! You look absolutely gorgeous in this lilac dress.
    white lace dress

    1. Thank you so much for your a great comment on my post.Have a good weekend.;-)



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