Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Hot Day With Flower Print Skirt

Hello my dearest readers,
How are you been peeps??Since I´m very busy and a bit take a break from my blog activity,now I´m back.I missing you all peeps.So sorry that maybe too long that I did´t post any blog post or not visit your blog or answer your comments since I´m very busy with my movement.Yeach...movement is always exhausted even I´m very exciting with my a new life and a new thing that will come in to my future.
But the long process of movement is really take all my energy and stamina.I have a lot of important thing to do and many important appointment before I leaving Thailand.Yes,I know I´ll come back to the place where I belong to be,yes it´s Hamburg,Germany I´ll come to you soon.Even now,my movement is just started with all packing company.
Today,is my second day of packing company from Asian Tiger and tomorrow it will be last the big packing day.I hope everything running well and smoothly until I arrive in the new place.Oh yes,not only that I also busy in the couple of weeks with my belly performance that It could be my last performance in Bangkok.That´s why I´m really hard worked with so much practicing and practicing.So,it´s means in the past weeks I´m busy with my movement and belly dance performance.You can check it out on my Instagram some pictures of my belly dance perfomance.So,maybe you can imagine how exhausted I´m in last couple period days.And all important appointment with friends and farewell and all is really fun but exhausted.
I know happiness and sadness all mixed together when you´ll move to a new place.Happiness that so exciting of a new life and a new thing come in to your life and sadness to leave a lot of thing that you build in the couple of year,of friendship,activity and all life routine.I can´t imagine how fast is the time flies in 5 years that I´ve been here in Bangkok.
But I felt happy so far that all my planned are running smoothly so far and my belly dance performance with my dance friends is looks successful.
Let´s talk about my outfit on these pictures.These pictures It was on my holiday end of last year on December in Indonesia.My simply outfit with black top and floral skirt on hot day in Yogyakarta,Indonesia.Great holiday on end of year and with amazing weather,hot but really so much fun holiday with my lovely hubby.
Stayed at classic and traditional hotel is always my favorite place to stay.You can see all the hotel ambience on these pictures.Hope you like my simply outfit and my presenting a bit of my home country.

Beautiful and traditional style of pavillion at this hotel at Yogyakarta,Indonesia.

Beautiful and tropical garden in front of my hotel room.

The terrace in front of my hotel room in typical Indonesian style,craving woods and so classic.
Behind me is typical Indonesian wall from woods craving and Indonesian puppet.
 After my breaky is done,walked around at the tropical garden surrounded from the hotel.

My breakfast with Indonesian breakfast.Nom...nom...;-) 

 Frangiepanie flower is one of my favorite flower from my home country and I have one this flower too at home at my garden.But so pity,that I have to leave it at my old house because I have to move.;-(

 The breakfast lounge,is really great decorated and traditional ambience.

 The bar and lounge.

Beautiful tropical garden.

Breakfast lounge and restaurant in Indonesian style.

 Every morning this man playing Indonesian instrument it called gamelan.

Breakfast with Indonesian buffet and International buffet.

Thank you peeps for stopping by on my blog and I´ll see you soon on the next post with more exciting post.Stay tune to keep more update of my new life and new outfit.

My Look,
Top-Emily Wear
Sandals-Marie Claire
Casual/Sport Watch-Sigma
Eating-Fashion Jewelry

Kisses xox,
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  1. It's terrific. Love it. Beautiful pics, Kintan.

    1. Thank you so much dear Lenya for your a great comment.
      Wish you have a fabulous day.Kisses xox

  2. Beautiful outfit:) You look amazing!

    1. Hello dear thank you so much for your lovely comment.Wish you have a wonderful day.
      Kisses xox

  3. Love the outfit. Thanks for stopping by! Check out my
    new post!


    1. Thank you so much visited back my blog dear.Have a great day.xox

  4. gorgeous photos!

    1. Auww...thank you so much dear for your a great comment.
      Have a beautiful day.Kisses

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    1. I´m really agree with you.Thank you for stopping by on my blog.

  6. You look so gorgeous in this outfit and i love that skirt, Happy Weekend!

    1. Hi babe,thank you so much for a great comment and for your visited on my blog.
      Have a fab week ahead.Kisses xox



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