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Tuesday, February 02, 2016

My Glam Waterproof Lipstick Gloss Velvet Matte Vitality Cerise Star From Dresslink

Hello my dear readers....!!!
How are you today??I come back today with my new post,this time I´ll show you my new Lipstick Gloss in glam look with velvet matte from Dresslink.This item I´ve got it for collaboration with DRESSLINK.I love this shopping online lately,that they have almost everything what woman needed.As clothing,apparel,shoes,bags,make-up and many more.For my second collaboration I choose clothes that I already post on my blog and the other,I choose a glam look lipstick gloss.It´s really gorgeous,easy to use and waterproof and long lasting.This lipstick gloss you can added for your daily make-up or even for party make-up and will show your glam and shine in dark.I was tried it on my lip as shown on these pictures,I really love it and looking hot and glam.For a daily make-up maybe you can just added it a bit of touch and in the night make-up or party make-up,you can added it a bit thicker.This lipstick gloss will make you looks fresh and happy face,shine and glamorous and sexy.For the first touch,I added a lip liner from Essence and the second you can added the Lipstick Gloss from Dresslink.Hope you like my review dears.

Please check it out this item here "Waterproof Lipstick Gloss Velvet Matte Vitality Cerise Star"; have in some other gorgeous colors that maybe you like it too.

Visit the website is here DRESSLINK.

Lip Liner-Essence
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Thank you for stopping by and reading peeps.Wish you have a fantastic week ahead and see ya soon in the next post.
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  1. Que luxo esse batom a minha cor favorita, super escrita e deixo meu like.
    Vídeo novo:

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by on my blog and for the nice comment.
      Keep in touch dear.Beijos xox

  2. Colour of the lipstick is so beautiful, love that kind of colour combnaton between red and orange xoxo

    1. Hello dear Ivana,thank you so much for stopping by on my blog and leaving a nice comment.So glad that you loved those lipstick color.Keep in touch dear.Kisses

  3. beautiful photos
    have a good weekend

    1. Hello my dear friend,thank you so much for your a great comment.
      Keep in touch dear.Wish you have a great weekend as well.Kisses

  4. The shade looks gorgeous on your lips, Kintan. Happy weekend, doll.

    1. Dear Lenya,thank you so much for a great comment and for your visited on my blog.
      Wish you have a awesome weekend.Kisses xox

  5. Such a beautiful shade of red!
    Hope you're having an amazing weekend :)
    She is Mary

    1. Thank you so much dear Mary for your lovely comment and for your visited on my blog.
      Hope you had a great weekend too.Kisses

  6. this is so perfect!

    1. Hello dear,thank you so much for a great compliment and for stopping by on my blog.
      Have a great Monday.xox

  7. interesting shade of orange red, they don't usually suit me, I tend to opt for blue red shades but they look great on you :)

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