Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Glamour Perfumes For Spring

Hello beauties,
How was your spring so far and Easter holiday??I hope all of you have had an awesome beginning of spring and Easter holiday as mine with your family or friends.Talking about spring,I have a special edition this time.I have a new collection of my perfume.These are from Gucci Guilty Intense Eau de Perfume and Dior Pure Paison.Both of them are the most my favorite perfumes.These perfumes is really matched for me and for woman whom may loves,sexy smell,seductive and romantic but also active.It was really true with Gucci Guilty that I feel not guilty.Hahahaaa...LOL and don´t forget this perfume is really Intense as it wrote on the bottle.I love this packaging it really glamour look with golden and black color bottle and packaging cartoon.

   My second favorite from this perfumes for spring edition is Dior Pure Paison.Glamourous,sexy aroma,seductive essence and fresh.The packaging is chic and pretty,with purple and white glass bottle  .

Gucci Guilty Intense Eau de Perfume
Dior Pure Paison

Thank you for stopping by and all your a great comment for my last post.
Wish you all have a fabulous week ahead.
Kisses xoxo,
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  1. Hallo Liebes, nach so langer Zeit woltle ich mich für deinen lieben Kommentar bendanken,
    ja es hat ein weilchen gedauert, aber ich hatte viel um die Ohren, dabei steht der Umzug erst diese Woche noch an. Aber ich habe für einen kurzen Moment überlegt mit dem Bloggen aufzuhören.
    Da freut man sich über so liebe kommentare wie der von dir besonders,
    danke du süßli :)

    alles Liebe deine AMELY ROSE vorbei

    1. Hallo Liebe Amely,dass ist schön von Dir zuhören and Ich Danke Dir für Dein besucht an mein Blog.Ich freue mich dass Du mag gerne an mein Kommentar an Dein Blog und Ich hoffe alles ist gut geklappt mit Dein Umzug.Ich hoffe,es ist alles gut bei Dir und Du hast ein wunderschönes Osternfest.Alles Liebe,xoxo Kintan.

  2. I remember I sniffed Gucci Guilty and Dior Poison but the classical parfumes.
    I missed these editions... Anyway, Dior Poison (the one in the red bottle) was awesome and rich. It "hugs" you!

    1. Hello dear,yeah I love Gucci Guilty too and The Dior Poison.Yes,the new Dior Poison in red is looks gorgeous and really chic packaging too.It will be my next target.Thank you for stopping by dear.Have a great day.xoxo

  3. Perfect choice dear! Gucci is my favourite :-)

    1. Hello dear,thank you so much for your visit on my blog.I love Gucci too.They´re perfect.Happy Spring dear.Kisses xox



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