Thursday, April 21, 2016

My Fantastic Birthday With Leopard Coat

Hello my beautiful doll,
How are you been??It´s been few days that I´m gone from my blog,now I´m back with my new blog post.Today´s post ,It´s all about my fantastic birthday that I spent at a small city is called Brake.It´s a little sweet city in the near from Bremen and to go there,I have to take a small Ferry that connected with other side of the city.I have had an fantastic birthday that I spent with my beloved hubby and my  family.At Brake I drove with my hubby and make a day trip just like a tourist.But before we have to take a small Ferry that we can drove our car on the Ferry to connected to a small city Brake.And the Ferry is only about 5 minute and we have to continue drove our car to destination and on the way we´re really enjoyed the green nature,so beautiful,peaceful and no stress with traffic.
To explored this city I don´t think so that you need few day,I think a day trip it should be enough.Not really much to see but a bit interested things.Old harbor,some river side restaurant,old houses and museum.But in the summer time you can do sun bathing here.It´s a great view for walking around at the promenade in the river side view.Closed to a small harbor that you can see some big ship.After shortly walked around to small city Brake I spent my birthday lunch at Italian Restaurant is called San Marino.The restaurant is really typical Italian,with all decorate starting from high old wine glasses,Italian nature and Italian pepperoni and Italian wine.
For my outfit on my birthday I picked my favorite for this spring,leopard coat and red pant.But I paired it with my flat knee boots that more comfort for my sight seeing day.Leopard coat is also kind of easy going.You can paired it with long pant,legging or even short skirt or long skirt.And for sure you can easy to paired it with boots or heels.So it´s your choice and I have here some pictures from my outfit idea.Hope you like it my look and enjoy my pictures.

Standing in front of the old house from 18 century.

A small city with some nice restaurant and shops.

In front of the shopping street and old houses.
Old house from 18 century.

A small harbor at Brake.

Standing in the near of harbor and promenade at Brake.
Memorial monument.
I´m standing on the Ferry on my way to Brake.

Beautiful sunny day on my way to Brake.
Such a wonderful lake and so shiny from the strong sun.Snap shot from my way to Brake.
 I have had a fantastic birthday ever.Thankful and be more grateful.

My delicious and beautiful birthday cake that prepared by hubby and my Mom in law.

 I woke up to these beautiful present and delicious birthday cake on my birthday.So sweet hubby and my parent´s in law.Love them so much.<3

 Simply delicious Italian pizza for my birthday lunch with my beloved hubby.

 Fresh salad with fresh bread.

I found this wonderful roses tree at Brake.

My Look;
Skinny Pant-The Denim by Workshop
Leopard Coat-H&M
Scarf-Clock House by C&A
Flat Knee Boots-Taywin
Bag-Jimmy Choo
Bracelet-Forever 21

Thank you for stopping by and for all your lovely comment on my last post.
Wish you all have a amazing week ahead and stay gorgeous peeps.
Kisses XOX,
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  1. Happy belated birthday, Kintan. Looks like you had an amazing fun day. What a cute little village it is. I love this outfit on you. It looks very polished and yet casual and fun at the same time.

    1. Dear Lenya thank you so much for your a great comment and birthday wishes.
      Yes,I had an amazing trip on my birthday.Wish you have a awesome day and hope everything is okay.Kisses xox

  2. Leopard & Red so chic combo! Very glam and attractive :-)

    1. Hello my dear friend,thank you so much for your a great comment on my post.
      Wish you have a awesome day and hope everything is okay.Kisses xox

  3. Amazing look dear:) kiss

    1. Hello dear,thank you so much for your awesome comment.Happy Sunday.Kiss xox

  4. I love the pictures !!! good Sunday !!!

    1. Thank you so much my lovely friend.Have a great Sunday.Kiss



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