Saturday, July 30, 2016

Bike Trip on Summer

Hello dears,I hope you doing well.Today´s post is about my summer bike trip on beautiful day.
Hello dears,I hope you doing well.Today´s post is about my summer bike trip on beautiful day and really hot summer here in Hamburg.How about summer in your city??I hope you have a amazing summer as mine.Almost everyday here in Hamburg,has really amazing hot summer that you can only wear beautiful summer dresses or short pant.Since,we´re moved here in Hamburg some month ago,this is my very first time I do bike trip.As my bike that just ready in few days ago and went on repaired after few years we did not do any repaired(Hahah..).I´m so happy finally all is finished and my bike is safe to ride.It´s so important to have a bike when you´re living like here in Europe.Ride a bike is kind of culture and tradition that is very important and it´s like everyone needed for a very quick transportation.And of course a ride bike also very healthy and for calorie burn even also very fun to look around while you ride your bike.I do really love bike trip and enjoy the beautiful nature around me and normally I don´t forget my small camera,as I can from time to time stopping by when I saw a beautiful nature,beautiful flower or beautiful a landscape.This time I did a bike trip started from home until Hamburg city and around with beautiful lake view.The weather is really perfect for this bike trip and of course you can imagine,how really busy is in the city,lake side and park.So many people outside with their bike too,many group of young people and group with family doing their barbeque together.It´s so amazing to see such wonderful summer.Here is my outfit for my bike trip,just a simply orange color summer dress and head scarf(multifunction scarf) and my comfort sneaker shoes.And I prefer to pick my back pack in boho style and so colorful,it´s match for summer look.
I hope you like my post and my look.

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Thank you for stopping by and for all your awesome comment on my last post dears "Make-up Haul For Summer".
Wish you have a wonderful weekend and stay fab.
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  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful time in your bike trip <3 Great outfit

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    1. Hello dear Aimee,thank you so much for your a great comment.Yes,I were enjoyed and had fun with my bike trip.And the weather is great summer here.Happy Sunday dear.Kisses

  2. Beautiful summer photos dear and orange outfit is so trendy.
    Happy weekend

    1. Hello gorgeous,thank you so much for your lovely comment.Wish you have a wonderful Sunday and enjoy your summer.Kisses

  3. Amazing post dear! Love the photos.You look incredible! <3

    1. Hello dear thank you so much for your an awesome comment on my post.So glad to heard that you love my pictures.Wish you have a great week.<3



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