Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Make-Up Haul For Summer

Hello gorgeous,today´s post I would like to show you all my new make-up items that I bought from "Rossmann" drug store.All items I´ve got for 50% as I have tell all my story why,on my youtube channel.Make-up items is always interesting items to buy and get more new collection as we always needed,specially for women.Don´t we??Specially when we get it all in very good prices or big discount as I did.All items in 50% discount because this drug store,It have a big renovation and they wanted to clean all items.Maybe get new face powder or foundation,eyes shadow palette and lipstick or even lip gloss.These are what all I got from drug store Rossmann.But please remember this discount I´m pretty sure,is not all in all Rossmann drug store.Maybe only on special condition and situation.So here is all the list from make-up new collection that are ready for my summer look.

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1).Playboy Eau de Toilette 30 ml-price 7,95 €(price after discount 3,97 €)-(here)

This playboy Eau de toilette,it´s perfect for you for summer whom may need something different.It´s more seductive,sexy and wild play fragrance.As the motto on the packaging,"Play It Wild" and It´s very cute and mixed with wild packaging.
I love the packaging is really wild leopard as the fragrance.Simply you can use for a daily,as shows intense of seductive mixed with sexy fragrance.

2).Haute Couture Natural Lashes from Kiss 

This lashes it´s made for you,to woman who likes easy and natural look lashes but the result is gorgeous.You can pick up by your own how many volume lashes you wanted.Because,every original lashes by woman they have different volume but with this natural premium you can manage by yourself how thick volume you wants.This packaging is included the lashes glue in mini bottle.

3).Miracle Skin Cream from Garnier price 9,95€ 50 ml (price after discount 4,97 €)-here

This miracle skin cream from Garnier,it´s really like miracle and for all skin type.Regeneration all the old skin changes to the new skin with anti age care.This cream for making better the skin quality.A technology for skin transformation to be better every single day with 7 material that provide on this cream,anti age complexe with;
-Vitamin C,
-Vitamin B3
-Vitamin B5
-Bright peptide
-Anti-oxidativer ginger

4)Make-up foundation- All About Matt from Essence,price 3,45 €(after 50% discount 1,75 €)-here

It´s all about matt foundation.It´s oil free and perfect for oily skin like me and maybe some of you too.Oily skin mostly is getting sensitive and shall really carefully to find the right make-up or foundation that really match and work for the skin.We would like to have a perfect make-up look when we put our foundation on the skin.With a long lasting effect that dream every woman for make-up touch.It´s naturally look foundation matt and has some different available for all different skin colors.

5).Essence Stay Natural Concealer,Price 1,95€(after discount 0,97€)-picture above-here
It´s very natural look concealer,with very good price and very easy to use or apply to under dark circle eyes.It´s so many different concealer now available on the market with many differents brand and they´re all good.But for sure,we have to find out what is the right one for us,with very good price and good quality and for sure the right color for skin type.

6).Brilliant Gloss From Rival de Loop (picture above)
Brilliant Gloss,is ready to make your lip really shinny after apply your lipstick.More shiny look and brilliant look.And you can add with many different lipstick colors before you apply with brilliant gloss,it´s really easy and worth it with the price.

7).Brilliant Gloss From Rival de Loop(picture above)
Brillant Gloss in plum color,so pretty and perfect for summer.I love this color and I hope you like it too.Such a fresh color for summer and not too strong color.

8).XXL Bronze Eyes Shadow From RL de Young,Price 3,95 €(after 50% discount 1,95€)

Such a beautiful eyes palette with a great name XXL Bronze Eyes Palette.It has 12 different colors,it really gorgeous color and looks very natural colors.I tried on my face and It was really beautiful natural look.It´s so beautiful for a daily make-up.The price is really cheap and really worth it with the quality.I recommend you to buy this palette as cheap and so amazing color for your eyes shadow.
Thank you for stopping by guys,hope you all enjoy my post and hope you like it.Please share your though and leave some comment when you like it.
Wish you have a wonderful week ahead and stay safe and take care.

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