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Hello everyone,
As always that the weekend it goes by very quick after some a hectic weekend. Hope everyone feels great so far. In this post today, that I have a random post, it's about my look as a wedding guest at my best friend wedding. It's the best moment when I see my best friend a found happiness in her life. To my dearest friend(bride woman), if you may read this blog, congratulations on your wedding and wishing you a happily ever after. Such a wonderful wedding party with great food and accompany. 

As a wedding guest, I wore a simply glam a long dress with flower power embroidered details that I bought some week ago from Koton. The embroidered with flower power details made this dress looks special. And it's not only that, it has a short line inside and transparent look in bottom and top. As it's no more summertime, even the weather is so perfect for Autumn wedding, which is a sunny day. I paired this dress with a grey blazer, to cover myself from a cold Autumn. Can't complain at the moment, how fantastic is the weather on Autumn and it was a very lucky day for the bridal couple. Even nowadays, we have so much option to find some beautiful dresses for a wedding guest dress, we can find in short dresses or even long dresses.

Maybe I like both, long and short, but also depending on which weather I have to wear it. On summertime maybe I'll choose a short dress, and Autumn I prefer a long dress and for me is more comfortable. I don't know about you?? Which one do you prefer a long dress or a short dress? You still can play with bolero, blazer or faux fur jacket to cover your beautiful dress for your special occasion. Even you wear a short or long dress, both of them still possible. 


Dress: Koton /Shoes: Zara/ Bag: ysl/ Jewelery: Unknown/ Bracelet: Birjou Brigitte
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Thanks so much again for reading my blog and for your kind comment. Wish you all have a fantastic a new week ahead. 
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