Thursday, July 23, 2015

Beauty & Elegant Look With Accesories

Hello beauties,
What´s up guys??I hope you all doing great.Woman and accesories is like best friend that can´t live desperately,so do i.Earing and hair accesories is always woman needed.So,let me introduce you guys,my new earings and hair accesories.They are from "Fashion Jewelry",simply cheap and will not make your wallet feel pain.I love small earing for my daily wear,as i´m very busy everyday with alot of activities that need body moves,as dance,fitness and belly dance.but i love big earing as well for special occasion or weekend or party night out.These earing is really perfectly for daily wear,as small and light.As i have a long hair,so i love hair accesories too.And with hair accesories we can do many different hairstyle and hairdo.What do you thing about my new toys guys??Hope you like it and i hope in other post i can show you how to use these hair accesories.
Wish you have a wonderful day and see you soon in the next post.
Kisses xoxo,

Earing-Fashion Jewelry
Hair Accesories-Fashion Jewelry


  1. Hi dear. I love fashion jewelry as well. Beautiful pieces. One can never have enough accessories to spice up an outfit. :)

    1. Hello dear Michele,thank you so much for your stopping by on my blog and leaving a nice comment.
      Yes,you´re right dear.Keep in touch.Kisses

  2. lovely post, kisses!

  3. all very cute

  4. wow all are so nice!!!!

    1. Thank you so much dear,yes indeed and i love them all.xoxo



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