Wednesday, August 08, 2018


Hello gorgeous,
Summer in Hamburg every day is getting hotter and hotter. Is that the same in your city?? As I watched TV not only in Germany, but there are in some Europe country this hot summer is getting crazy, really super duper hot like tropical country.
It's absolutely not normal for European summer about 35C until 37C. How you do react or take control yourself for this hotter summer?? There are always two different things positive and negative things that always happened in this situation. In a positive way, people love it because finally that they can wear summer clothes as they want, they can go to the beach, they can go picnic or some activity. But in another negative side, so many chaotic happened, forests burn like in Greece, Portugal and also some area here in Germany too, and not only that and some farmer lose their plants. I feel sad to hear about this chaotic that happened and cause so many people died and many houses burned down and many green forests burned.

In this hot summer, it's a very special situation, we shall know how to handle it. Like enough drinking water, don't let your tummy hungry, and eat enough fresh fruit, fresh juice and you can also take a cold shower like I do. It helps me to reduce and handle the hit. Everywhere you go don't forget to bring some bottle of water in your bag.

Anyway, we hope the best on this climate change and hopefully not too much chaotic more happened in the near future. Let talking about my looks on this post, on my first look, I wore a simple summer look for the picnic on last Sunday with a top in neon color and black short pant in new jersey style and my summer bag. 
The weather was so fantastic and not really hot but it's perfect for a picnic day. And to completed my look I wore my sneaker and headband. 
For my second look, I wore a black top and ball skirt in flower detailed. This look was for my evening out with some of my workmates. I pairing my look with lace sandals and a crossbody bag.

First Look:
Top - So Fashion(similar here)
Short - F&F(similar here)
Headband - H&M(similar here)
Bag - H&M(similar here)

My second Look:
Top: Zara(similar here)
Skirt: H&M(similar here)
Lace Sandals - Deichmann(similar here)
Crossbody Bag - Zara(similar here)
Earrings - Claire(similar here)

Thanks so much again for reading my blog and for your kind comment. Wish you all have a fantastic week ahead. 

With Love xo, 

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  1. Hello :)
    In Poland is hot too, hard to wearing anything :)
    I Love your both outfits, you look wonderful ❤

    Kisses from Poland dear :**

    1. Hello dear, yes now almost everywhere in Europe is crazy hot. Hope you can handle it with the hotter summer. Thanks so much for your a great compliment and visited my blog.
      Kisses from Germany.
      XO, Kintan.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks so much babe, for your stopping by on my blog.
      Have a great weekend for you too.
      Kisses, xo Kintan



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