Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Stay Healthy,Fit & Shape With Fitness Routine

Starting with warming up before lifting weight.

     Anyway,we can still looks chick in the gym but of course in comfort sport clothes.
Body stretching after finished with fitness.

What I Wore
Sport pant-Reebok

Hello Fitness lover,here i have some pictures from my work out.What is your favorite work out in the gym?And which exercise is normally you do for the warming up??I do warming up before work out normally and i take treadmild or other machine for some minute maybe around 30 minute before i starting with lifting weight.What is your target to do work out??For me target to do work out of course number one is to stay healthy,to get my body shape and gain muscle and healthy lifestyle.I really so in love with fitness already some years ago and now i really became addicted with fitness.I can´t really stay away from fitness.Maybe people called me that i´m fitness freak,yes i do.Because to do fitness in routine is make my life happier,stay happy mind,positive mind and i feel more fit and much more energy and of course healthy lifestyle.My favorite work out is lifting weight.After lifting weight normally i take some minute to do a bit abs work out than continue with body stretching as you see in the pictures.

Let stay healthy lifestyle with fitness...!!!
Thank you for reading and passing by guys.
With Love xoxo,

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