Saturday, November 01, 2014

Fun & Great Time With Oktoberfest Bangkok

 Hello fashionista,how was your halloween party or Oktoberfest party?I´m sure that you guys had a great party.I had a great party´s not halloween party but this time is Oktoberfest party in Bangkok.I know,this time Oktoberfest party is the same time with Halloween party.But i had official invitation always at every year together with my husband.So,this is our outfit for the Oktoberfest party.I wore a traditional German costume is called Dirnl.I love this costume,it looks so cute,elegance and chick all in one.As i love red color,this time i choose a red dirnl for my costume.To make this looks perfectly i added some red outfit,colorful earing from Viva Loco,Red heels from Taywin and New Looks and red clutch from Viva Loco.Maybe you can see on the pictures that i tried to make combination with two different heels.I don´t know which one do you think is more perfect looks for this outfit.But finally i choose with the Leopard printed style from New Look.
As always we had a great Oktoberfest party every year,with great people,great German foods,and German beer and entertaint by German Music too.This is already the 3rd time for us celebrated Oktoberfest Party in Bangkok.Can´t wait to celebrate for the next year Oktoberfest party.So this time,i love to presented my husband pictures on my blog as my guest of the day(Lol).

 Here is my silly face when i have mixed faces between Halloween looks and Oktoberfest looks.LOL.... 


What I Wore


Heels-New Look/Taywin

Clutch-Viva Loco

Earing-Viva Loco


Bracelet-Viva Loco

Hair flower-H&M



Thank you guys for stopping by and reading.Hope you guys enjoyed every single pictures that i had posted.Wish you all have a wonderful weekend and HAPPY HALLOWEEN....!!!!!

Keep in touch & keep smile,

With Love xoxo,



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    1. Hello dear Ainhoa,thank you so much glad that you love it.Thanks also that you visit back my blog and become
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