Monday, November 17, 2014

Lose in Small Paradise With Floral Bikini - JOMTIEN BEACH-THAILAND

Hello beauties,how are you doing?I hope you all doing fine and had a great weekend.It´s Monday and back in track.Here i still have some pictures from my short trip to Pattaya.I had some pictures were i already posted from the first part from my trip.For the second day,it was my bikini time.Yeach...i love to play on the beach or pool side.I´m so lucky and so blessed those day,that the weather is so beautiful and is perfect weather for playing on the pool side or on the beach.This beach called "Jomtien Beach Road" as the beach so long.So many restaurant and boutique on the beach road side.Love to be here,you just can have a long walk through the beach side and a bit sight seeing or chilling with your loves one or family.

Yes,i had fun walked through the beach side and a bit sight seeing before i starting my pool day.Finally after my sight seeing than i stayed on the pool side and get my bikini on.This time i picked my floral bikini as this a gift from my old friend.A picked colorful bikini or strong color is always never get failed as big contrast with a beautiful weather and sunny day.I have my sarong were i had bough in BALI,yes also in pink floral.Love so much my sarong,it´s so colorful and many function you can use on your sunbathing time.

This time i was stayed in the beach front hubby busy with his a big meeting and seminar.So,i have the opportunity to enjoyed this a small paradise.This beach front hotel is so big and have very beautiful pool.This hotel is so convenience,so many restaurant in surrounding.So i can just walk out to the main road from Jomtien beach road,there are many different kind of restaurant.Depends what kind of foods you like and you hungry for.

This picture is view from my hotel room.Such a beautiful morning and beautiful view with many coconut trees.

What I Wore
Bikini-Smart Sexy
Pant-Emily Denim
Beach Sandal-Marie Claire
Hand Bag-Hua-Hin Boutique
Floral Bag-Naraya
Hat-Hua-Hin Boutique
Necklace-Viva Loco
Earing-Special Gift from friend

Thank you for passing by and reading.Wish you all have a great Monday and week ahead.
Keep in touch.


  1. Beautiful pictures, glad you had fun!


    1. Auww...thank you so much dear Genevieve.Yes,i had so much fun.
      Keep in touch and have a good day.
      Kintan xoxo,

  2. Hello dear!
    This is a great look and the place seems like a paradise!
    I hope you had amazing time on your vacation!
    xo from Italy,
    Sonia Verardo

    I'm trying to follow your blog via GFC but it's taking ages to load, so I fail everytime! I don't know if it's my internet connection being too slow or the content of your blog too heavy! I'll keep trying anyway :) We'll be in touch x

    1. Hello dear Sonia,
      Thank you so much for your nice comment and for following me back.
      Yes this like shortly stayed in a paradise.I´m really enjoyed to be here had an amazing time.
      Wish you have a wonderful day.
      Keep in touch and kisses from Bangkok xox,



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