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Monday, November 10, 2014

Unforgetable Moment With Salsa Bangkok Fiesta 2014

Hello fashionista,how was your weekend?Hope you had a great weekend.Here i have some pictures from my latest party event "Salsa Bangkok Fiesta 2014".This event is annual yearly event,as normally i attended in the last 2 years.This event is exactly already last weekend.So many great perfomances from proffesional dancer.So sorry for my late posted as i was busy the whole week.For this party i picked up red outfit and combination with leopard style.It´s never goes wrong to take decision to wore red for special moment as i did.

                                  What I Wore 

                                                                         Dress-New Yorker
                                                                           Heels-New Look
                                                                        Necklace-Viva Loco
                                                                           Earing-Viva Loco

Thank you for passing by and reading guys.Hope you all enjoy my latest posted.
What do you think guys about my outfit??Love to hear from you.
Have a great Monday...!!!
With Love xoxo,
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  1. Great look!!! dress is very chic.

    1. Auww...thank you so much babe.
      Have a great day.Greeting from BKK.<3

  2. Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog!
    This is a great dress, I have the same one in black. It's really flattering!
    Yes, I'd like to follow eachother, do you have a GFC option or should we just follow eachother via Bloglovin'? Let me know!
    xo from Italy,
    Sonia Verardo

    1. Hello Sonia,thank you so much for visiting back to my blog.Yes,i have GFC.Pls just click in the right side of my blog.
      Yes,i love this dress is really comfortable.Glad to know that you have the same dress as mine.
      I'll follow your blog soon.
      Keep in touch & have a good week ahead.
      Kisses ♥♥ from Bangkok.

  3. Wow, your dress is stunning, you look great. ;-)
    Wish you a nice week, dear...

    1. Auww...thank you so much babe Vanessa.You always looks great as well.
      Wish you have a great week ahead.
      Keep in touch & kisses ♥♥ from BKK.


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