Saturday, July 11, 2015

Hello Paradise Island,BALI...!!!!Indonesian Holiday 2015

My outfit with denim look and i´m landed in Jakarta International Airport.

My selfie picture taken with my samsung phone.Lol...

Here is part of my belongings.I know always so much belongings for my 2 weeks in home country vacation.

My outfit still with denim look when i´m landed in Bali,Ngurah Rai International Airport.

Hello my dearest bloggers and readers....!!!
How are you guys??I hope everything okay and everyone of you doing great.I came back again wanted to share some pictures still from my last holiday in my country Indonesia.These pictures were visited paradise island BALI,in the most my favorite place for spending my holiday with hubby.Always has a great feeling to came back again in this paradise island,BALI.It was on my first day arrived and my very first time spending our time in this hotel.As in the our favorite hotel is on renovation,so why not we changed to booked another hotel.But this hotel also a great hotel with very big location and so many room with big balcony in every hotel room and surrounding with tropical garden.And the whole hotel arcitecture in Indonesian style and the stafft is really amazingly friendly.I can speak in my own native language in my home country,great foods,great hotel,friendly stafft and what else that i needed on my vacation??These are more than perfect for our holiday.I always crazy missing alot my own foods and culinary when i came back home to visit my home country.And sometime i love to try eat street foods when i´m in my home country.Because sometime it tasted great more than in the big restaurant.Lol..;-)
Anyway,did you ever visited BALI??They have so many places to visit here in Bali.So many culture,tradition,religious activities and so yummy foods too.Me and hubby normally we spent our holiday in Bali only for a week but everytime we had says,one week is always not enought(though).But for us a bit difficult to spend more as we have two different family as living in two different country that we have to visited them every year,so we have to shared the time in fair.
But even only one week in Bali,we have had always an amazing time.But for you guys for the very first time visiting Bali,i suggested you to stay more,maybe 2 weeks it will worth it(for sure).
So many things to do,and so many places to visit.Here is some tips what to do in Bali;
-Visiting temple(Uluwatu Temple,Besakih temple,Garuda Wisnu Kencana,Tanah Lot Temple) and much more.
-Beach day(Kuta beach,Seminyak Beach,Eco Beach,Dream Beach,Padang-Padang Beach)
-Watching the sunset and chilling with friend or partner in Kuta beach or seminyak beach
-Romantic dinner(Kudeta Restaurant)
  or seafood lover have to go to Jimbaran and eat on the beach front,
 Bumbu Bali Restaurant is recommended to you
-Visiting Ubud Art Village(painting,jewelery,silver)
-Visiting Monkey Forest
-Party with friend or your loves one at Kuta
Oppsst....i almost forget to talk about my outfit.This time i just wore simply denim look.I love to wore simply denim look on my travel,is the most comfy and flexible outfit with long denim jeans and denim stripe top. 

Here is my beautiful hotel room for some days in Bali.With designed interior and furniture style in Indonesian wood crave.

The straight view from my balcony.

The left view from my balcony.

 Love to enjoyed this beautiful view from my balcony and drink my hot black coffee on my first day vacation.
The view from my balcony and the pictures taken in the evening time when the sun just down.

Check-in in the receptionist and this is the view in the lobby hotel.

Such very a beautiful tropical garden,view from the lobby hotel first floor.

Just arrived and happy to get welcoming drink and order my very first meal in this restaurant for my lunch.

The front view of the hotel from the restaurant.

Always hungry of my own culinary in my home country.Chicken cooked in Balinese style.

Chicken satay shimmer with peanut sauce and side dishes with typical Indonesian crispy chip(emping melinjo) and sour salad(acar).

I was wearing,
Denim Jeans-American Bee Nini/Kimono-C&A/Stripe Top-C&A/Sneaker Shoes-H&M/Shoulder Bag-Zara/Sunglasses-LV
Thank you so much for stopping by and reading guys.Wish you all have an fantastic weekend.

 Kisses xoxo


  1. Perfect look dear! Hat is amazing detail :)
    Enjoy in this paradise,

    1. Hello my dear Ivana,thank you so much for your kindly compliment.
      Wish you have a wonderful weekend.Kisses from BKK.

  2. very beautiful dress and jewelry!

    1. Thank you so much my dear for your nice compliment.
      Have a great day.Kisses

  3. Amazing photos! Nice look!

    1. Thank you so much dear Adela for your visited on my blog and leaving a nice compliment.
      Keep in touch dear.xoxo

  4. nice post :)

  5. You look so pretty thanks for sharing love how you pair your flanel with the cardigan. Hope you enjoy your trip.Do you want to support each other's blog by following each other?:) Please let me know if you do so I can follow you right back x


    1. Hello dear Hillary,thank you so much for your stopping by on my blog and leaving a nice comment.Glad that you love my outfit.;-)
      Yes,for sure let follow each other and support each other.Keep in touch.xoxo

  6. Amazing look kiss

    i'm following you via gfc, hope you can follow me back

    1. Thank you so much babe,for your stopping by and following my blog.
      For sure i´ll follow you back.
      Keep in touch and kisses.xoxo

  7. a paradise, beautiful place

    1. Thank you so much dear Maria for stopping by on my blog and leaving a nice comment.
      Keep in touch.xoxo



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