Friday, November 13, 2015

Black Sabrina & Purple Skirt For My Adventure Day-Hua-Hin Part 3

Hello beauties,
How are you today?I hope you have a great week so far and weekend is coming soon.Yes,i´m so excited.How about you?Do you have any a special plan for your weekend??Let me share with you my another pictures from my long weekend in Hua-Hin.And i think this is will be my last part for this time.I worn my new black sabrina top from Cotton On and purple skirt from Emily Wear and i worn my comfort sneaker shoes that i worn it before several time on my last post.Yes,these outfit is for my adventure day visited a little mountain at Hua-Hin very closed by from the hotel were i stayed.This mountain called Khao Ta Kiab,i recommend you to visit this place someday you want visit Hua-Hin,Thailand.On top from the mountain,it has a amazing view from Hua-Hin skyline and Budha temple.This temple is always full with people who did prayed and some local tourist and international tourist too of course.We had a luck with the weather that actually is big rain in the early morning when we had our breakfast,but finally rain is stopped and we could continue with our plan to do a bit adventured at Khao Ta Kiab mountain.That´s why we could not make a great pictures as the background from the weather is a bit cloud and grey.But of course we drove a car as the road to the mountain is really curve.

Anyway,do you like my look??My black sabrina top from cotton on is my very first that i worn and i really love it so much.I´m a sabrina lover.Who´s with me??With sabrina top you can always shows your sexy shoulder and yet look chic and elegant.My new skirt,from Emily Wear is really simply gorgeous as simply detail ornament make the look from this skirt more attractive.I worn again my leopard sneaker print and my MCM bag.I featured it with very simply accessories,my charm candy bracelet and beautiful necklace.And not completed yet without my sport watch from Sigma that present from hubby from last summer.Yeachh...i love this sport watch is not only look simply cool but yet chic for a daily casual look or sport activities of course.

Yippieee....i´m on the skyline of Hua-Hin and i´m enjoyed this great view.

I love this amazing view.
Enjoyed my afternoon coffee at Starbuck after my shortly adventured.
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Budha statues i´ve founded on the mountain.

 Here is my breakfast with Asiatic breakfast,with rice porridge mixed with shrimp.Yummm.....

My Look,
Black Sabrina Top-Cotton On(Similar Here)
Purple Skirt-Emily Wear(Similar Here)
Sport Watch-Sigma
Body Necklace-Forever 21(Similar Here)
Charm Candy Bracelet-Arena Jaya Bali
Earing-Mallioboro Shop
Leopard Sneaker-Venice(Deichmann)(Similar Here)

Thank you so much for stopping by and reading peeps,hope you really like my outfit and my pictures.Love to hear your though.Wish you have a amazing Friday.Good morning from Bangkok.
With Love XOX,


  1. Amazing post! Follow me if you want and I will follow you back! ♥

    1. Thank you so much for your visited on my blog and leaving a nice comment.
      Let keep in touch and i´ll follow your blog.Kisses

  2. Such a pretty outfit!!

  3. Beautiful outfit:) Love your lipstick color <3

    1. Hello my dear,thank you so much for your a nice compliment.So glad that you loved the lipstick color.Wish you have a amazing weekend.Kisses xox

  4. We just love your photos, that shrimp porridge looks so delicious! Your whole outfit is also beautiful, we especially like that purple skirt!

    ISA Professional

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by on my channel and your a great comment. I really appreciated. The rice porridge is really yummy, indeed. Glad to know that you loved my skirt.

  5. Your photographs are great! Thanks for sharing these with us



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