Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Sneak Peek From My Fitness Routine To Keep Healthy & Body Shape

Hello beautiful peeps,
How are you today?I wanted to share with you my sneak peek from my fitness routine.There are some different fitness outfit with different fitness time.Yes,i´m crazy with fitness and exercises.I love to keep my healthy and of course to keep my body shape too.Doing routine fitness or exercises is help     to keep healthy body and mind.And not only that,will improved your body muscle,stamina and energy for your daily life activities.Of course when we have a healthy body,a healthy mind,energy and stamina,than we have also a lot of motivation for all our important daily activities in our life.I know,not so much people have so much time too,doing fitness and exercises in fitness studio or indoor fitness.But nevertheless you have another possibility that still you can do routine fitness or exercises at home or a bit outside as running,bike,swimm, or much more.Normally,i went to fitness studio for 3x or 4x a week since 11 years ago or sometime less depend of my time.Or sometime when i have really busy week i went to fitness studio only 2x a week.But i don´t have so much time to go to fitness studio,than i do running outdoor near my house and continue with exercises at home.But only that,i do also Zumba Fitness and also Belly Dance as i love dancing too.With dance i feel it has more great mood and always increasing my happy feeling.Don´t you believe?Try it at home with turn on the music or even you can go to dance studio.Find out what you really like or passion for kind of dance or music.These is what i normally do in fitness studio,
                               1)Zumba Fitness is for faster calorien burn and also increasing happy mood.
                                     2).Lifting weight with dumbel,faster to build your muscle and calorie burn. 
3)I end up with Abs work out and stretching.

After my zumba fitness class,with calorien burned and happy mood.

 Build a strong arms and shoulder.

Doing routine and lot of squat to build a nice and strong butt.

 Fast lose weight and strong arms with boxing.

Still look chic and fashionable with my floral pant and colorful for my fitness outfit.

Another zumba outfit.

End up my exercise with abs work out,stretching and plunge.

My Look,
Pink Sport Shoes-Hi-Tec
Red Sport Shoes-ACE
Black Sport Pant-Nike
Floral Legging-Spanx Classic
Red Top Sport Wear-Kesida
Blue Sport Bra-Kesida
Blue & Black Sport Pant-Kesida
Leopard Print Sport Pant-Cotton on
Blue Sport Top-Kesida
Blue Sport Shoes-ACE
Pink Top Bra-Nike
Pink Sport Pant-Cotton On
Thank you for stopping by and reading.Hope you like my post and love to hear your though.
Wish you have a amazing week ahead and stay healthy and fabulous peeps.
With Love xox,

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  1. How cool! I need to work out too

    1. Thank you so much my dear.Let get started with work out.;-)
      Wish you have a great day dear.Kisses xox

  2. You look so cool during your workouts!
    Have a nice day:)


    1. Hello dear,thank you so much for your a nice comment.
      Wish you have a amazing day.Kisses

  3. Replies
    1. Hello dear Sandra,thank you so much for your a lovely comment.
      Wish you have a great day.Kisses

  4. Liebe Kintan, Du bist so toll in Form und Du siehst einfach in jedem Deiner Fitness-Outfits total toll aus! Ich war früher auch jeden Tag im Fitness-Studio - und das ungefährt 10 Jahre lang. Dann habe ich zu anderen Sportarten gewechselt :) Hoffentlich geht es Dir gut!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

    1. Liebe Rena,vielen Dank für Deine liebe Kommentar.Das ist schön zuhören dass Du auch viel Sport gemacht.Sport ist immer gut und wichtig für Gesundheit beachten.Ich wünsce Dir einen schönen Tag und viel liebe Grüße aus Bangkok.
      Kintan xox

  5. un post precioso, a mi tambien me gusta hacer deporte, estas muy guapa

  6. You look perfect! Great shape dear <3

    1. Hello my dear,thank you so much for your a great compliment.Love to read them.
      Wish you have a amazing weekend dear.Kisses

  7. Replies
    1. Hello dear Ania,thank you so much for your lovely compliment.So glad to heard that you loved fitness as well.Stay healthy and have a amazing weekend dear.Kisses

  8. Cool workout outfits! Keep your super fit shape dear and enjoy :)

    1. Hello my dear Ivana,thank you so much for your very kindly compliment and i love to read them.
      You too dear,keep healthy and stay fabulous.Have a amazing weekend dear.Kisses



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