Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Some Delicious Christmas Foods

Hello my dearest readers,
How are you today?How was your Christmas dinner and the whole Christmas celebration?Did you ate a lot food,chocolate and christmas cake.For me the answer is YES.And how about the Christmas dinner?Did you ate outside or you cooked at home with your family?I hope that you had an amazing festive Christmas with your family,loves one or even your friends.Normally,i celebrated in Germany with my parents in laws and my sister in law.But this year,i celebrated Christmas eve only with hubby and i cooked something yummy and delicious for us.Yeachh....i cooked roasted chicken mixed with potato and baby carrot and another food is smoked sausages wrapped with bacon and accompany with red wine,rose wine and baguette of course.But one day before i baked at home,Christmas cake that´s a chocolate Christmas cake that i also baked for last year too.Don´t below is the pictures on the Christmas eve dinner that i prepared at home just for two.
My roasted chicken and smoked sausages wrapped with bacon is ready for Christmas eve dinner.
                                                                                                    Christmas dinner for two.

 Christmas menu for a day 1,for afternoon coffee with full of chocolate christmas cake and strawberry and some toblerone and mars chocolate.

 Home made chocolate Christmas cake and strawberry.

 Home made chocolate Christmas cake is ready for afternoon coffee.

 Fresh strawberry from the supermarket.

Mars and Toblerone chocolate.

 Afternoon tea with Christmas cake from IKEA.

 A day 2 afternoon tea with christmas cake that i have bought from IKEA.

I wanted to show the way i´m preparing all the foods for Christmas eve.

 Roasted chicken before put in bake oven,i did marinated one day before.Mixed with potato and baby carrot that i did boiled in hot water first for 5 minute.
Ingredients and how to cooked for the chicken:
-Salt,Pepper,thymian,brown sugar,and olive oil.
-Rubbed it all the ingredients onto the whole chicken until get really tender.
Ingredients and how to cooked for the potato and the baby carrots;
-Cut the potato into a small cube or depend what your tasted.
-Prepare a boil top with water and boiled potato and baby carrot for about 5 minute.
-Prepare all the ingredients as salt,pepper,margarine/butter,rosemarine or thymian and mixed it all together with potato and the baby carrot.
-Prepare the oven and preheat for about 10 minute in 180C.
-Baking time about 1hr 20 mnt in 200C.

Here is the look like when the roasted chicken is finished.
Here is second menu with smoked sausage wrapped with bacon.
 Here is ready to served for Christmas eve.

Here is the way i´m preparing the chocolate Christmas cake.I choose the cake set from Dr.Oetker,i love the product set from this company.
-So prepare your cake set or you can choose from your own wheat cake.
-Dr.Oerker cake set
-Margarine for 150 Gr
-Eggs( 3 pcs/size M)
-Milk 5 eat spoon
The chocolate cake on the processing in bake oven.

Still hot,creamy and juicy the chocolate topping. 

Thank you for your visit and reading my dears.Hope you like foods pictures.
Wish you have an amazing day end of 2015 and Awesome New Year.
Stay tune and see you next post.
With love XOX,
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  1. Omg! After seeing these pictures I became starving - everything look so appetizing! I want this cake;)
    Happy new year, beauty!:)


    1. Hello dear,thank you so much for your a great comment.Please come over dear.;-)
      Wish you a Happy New Year and have a awesome year.Kisses

  2. Wow, such an amazing dinner ! I would have loved to be at your table as I am a roasted chicken lover =) thank you for your comment on my blog ! Kisses

    Fashion and Cookies - fashion & beauty blog

    1. Hello dear Vale,auww...thank you so much for your a great comment.Very please come over
      to my house.;-)So glad to know that you loved a roasted chicken as well.It´s my pleasure to wrote a comment on your blog,it´s a amazing blog.I love your blog.
      Wish you a happy new year.Kisses xox

  3. Nice post,all these food looks so yummy,I feel hungry now haha :D
    New outfit post,so check if you find time,also ask me some questions for Q&A :)
    Happy holidays!

    1. Thank you so much dear for your a great comment and for stopping by on my blog.
      Wish you have a amazing New year.Keep in touch dear.Kisses

  4. Ich sehe schon, liebe Kintan, Du bist eine fantastische Köchin! Und ich bin überzeugt davon, alles schmeckt mindestens so lecker wie es aussieht. Ein wenig musste ich schmunzeln, dass Ihr Schweizer Schokolade esst! Vielen Dank für diesen tollen Post und ein wunderbares, Neues Jahr für Dich!
    Alles Liebe von Rena aus Bayern
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    1. Liebe Rena,vielen Dank für Deine schöne Kommentar.Ich mag gerne kochen,immer sehr spaß gemacht manchmal in der Küche bleiben.Ich wünsche Dir auch eine tolle Tag und eine wundabare Jahr.Liebe Grüße aus BKK.<3

  5. lovely photo
    happy Holidays!

    1. Thank you dear,wish you a Happy New Year.Cheers <3

  6. mmm!! Delicious <333 I love everything :) Happy New Year my dear ;)
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    1. Thank you dear,so glad that you loved everything on table.Happy New Year and all the best.
      Cheers & kiss.<3

  7. tiene que estar todo buenisimo

    1. Thank you Jose for your stopping by on my blog.xox

  8. The food is indeed looking really delicious and I am also looking for best New York event venues out there where I can get good quality food and good services as well. Thanks in advance for your valuable suggestions.

    1. Thank you so much dear for your a great comment and compliment. I wish you have a wonderful Christmas this year and have a great celebration. God bless you. XOX

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