Monday, November 21, 2016

My Early Snow Outfit Idea in November With Padded Aubergine Jacket & Knee Boots

Hello gorgeous readers, I hope you doing well. We had an early snowing this year in Germany. Early snowing in November, and this is not normal and maybe rarely happened. Mostly snowing came in early December shortly before Christmas. So happy and i'm really enjoyed so much with snowing this time as I told you before on my latest post that I lived some years in tropical country, so I´m not often seeing snow. I think about 3 years now that I didn't seen snow and not playing with snow. But I also love golden Autumn and this time when snowing came, it looks like that the golden Autumn is not finished yet. You can see from all my pictures that I shared on this post, how amazing snowing this time that mixed between golden Autumn and white beautiful snow that shower into all golden Autumn leaves. Absolutely this viewed for me is really rare atmosphere and incredible beautiful. Firs day snowing came this week on Tuesday early morning. When I went to the gym and I wore my thick winter jacket and the snow showering into my face and actually it´s fun for me. But I get sick after as I knew a cold virus at the moment is around us when the cold winter came. And as you knows when snowing came, it´s means the temperature is drop into minus (-4 C). But now the temperature back a bit warmer, it's means for the body is very sensitive and may can easily sick and have a cold, when temperature is always very drastic from minus to plus or plus to minus temperature. 
Let's start to talk about my snow outfit that I wore. Shall we?? I wore a new winter padded jacket from H&M in aubergine color and completed with the cap. I paired my jacket with black legging in leather look also from H&M that I bough about 2 years ago. To completed my snow outfit, I paired my outfit with new black knee boots from C&A.  Back to talk about my jacket, I felt in love from the first sight when I saw this jacket in the H&M store. The color, the style and the designed and thick all are what I wants and I need for my Autumn/Winter jacket. This jacket is all in my category and the color is really gorgeous in aubergine color and completed with the cap, absolutely perfect for Autumn/Winter. It's very important to find the right jacket for Autumn/Winter, when outside is really cold and freeze to keep you warm and cozy feeling. My new H&M jacket even short but is keep me really warm even minus temperature outside. But my snowing outfit is not really completed yet without my faux fur scarf from H&M. May some of you knows that I love wild print look (leopard print or snake print) as the scarf that I wore from this outfit. This jacket the color just keep me on eyes even I could not ignored for one second from it when i'm in store. Finally, I felt so happy that I choose this padded jacket with cap in aubergine. My new gorgeous babe for this Autumn/winter this year. Don't you agree that this jacket is gorgeous?? Please tell me what you think. 

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White crystal snow on my hand.❆❆❆❆❆❆
Playing with white snow. ⛄⛄⛄❆❆❆❆❆

How amazing seeing some autumn leaves flying fall in to the ground mixed with some white snow.

White snow ball kiss from Germany. ⛄⛄⛄❆❆

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Thank you for reading and for all you're an awesome comment on my last post dears. I'll always appreciated your love and support. Wish you have an amazing week ahead and stay warm everyone. ⛄⛄⛄

 Lots of Love,
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  1. I love all the prints in your outfit! They're paired in a really unique way and riding boots are the best fall / winter fashion staple! :) Great post xx

    Heather ||

  2. This outfit is gorgeous!!! I love the leopard!!!!

  3. Oh wow, snow! I cant wait to see snow when I travel to Finland for Christmas. The boots are gorgeous!

  4. Wow, I love this outfit! You look like a model😊📸

  5. Such a great outfit shoot. I like the video and the moment that it starts to snow! We have had some snow in Sweden too!

  6. The outfit fits you well - nice to see the cross between fall and winter with the snow! You sure look warm!

  7. I like to scarf that you are wearing, i have never experience real snow or have seen for that matter. I live in South Africa and we don't actually have snow here, some part do get the occasional snow, but yes i can imagine it would be VERY COLD and i'm sure that you are covered all cosy from head to toe!

  8. WOW! You are always so stunning and your outfit looks amazing. That aubergine jacket is fantastic and you chose a perfect day for the shoot as it really gives a great contrast to the outfit. Great job, so classy!

  9. Great outfit! Definitely perfect for snow. I love that jacket and the boots!

  10. Gorgeous outfit & I absolutely love the color of the jacket :-) it also looks so warm!

    ~ Jasmin N

  11. You look so fierce! I can't believe it's truly winter and snowy in other parts of the world. Since moving to Los Angeles I seem to have forgotten what winter is like. :) You are def slaying all year round!

  12. Love the animal print accessories! Really makes your outfit special.

    Sabra of Great Green Heron

  13. Great outfit. So many great combinations. I love the colour of your jacket.

  14. You look stunning, Kintan. Beautiful photos. Love the new blog design, girl.

  15. The jacket is beautiful, so is you, dear! I absolutely love your outfit, most particularly your legging. Lovely!

  16. Fantastic trendy look dear! I am huge fan of leopard details. Also, boots are so chic.

  17. Great color pop for winter! Looks like you've warmed yourself up very well. :) Thank you for sharing this outfit! - Vic (

  18. Bonjour! That is a lovely outfit. I especially like your pants and how they contour your body. Take care

  19. I love the color of the jacket! It looks warm and stylish at the same time. Oh, and the knee boots are great when it comes to keeping you warm too. And yes, I love snow and playing with it but I also love the sound of crispy leaves while walking.

  20. Super trendy outfit! I love your boots! :) The color combination of this outfit is very nice too.

    XOXO Nora /

  21. Looking hot!!love the back detail to the boots and those earmuffs are so cute! Ree love30

  22. I love that black bag hunni it is a total babe. The earmuffs are super cute too. Looking super hot girl :)
    Katja xxx

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