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Hello my loves,
the time is flown very quick and February it will arrive very soon. The romantic day of the year, Valentine's Day on the 14th Feb is around the corner, only about 2,5 weeks ahead. Almost everyone celebrate this a special day. If you may a single, don't let this day make you upset, go out and let's celebrate this valentine day with your friend or family and don't stay alone. But whatever your plan about Valentine's Day is, if may you have plan to go out or only stay home, I'm sure that you wants to look good. So, on my post today I have an idea for your Valentine's Day make-up idea, with glam make-up touch and glam look. Let's we started;

1. At first apply a mouisture cream for your skin, to make your skin not to dry before apply the make-up. I use face cream from Lorèal

2. Second step, apply foundation cream that suit your skin type. And for my make-up touch I use a foundation from Essence Stay All Day 16h Long-Lasting Make-up(soft beige). And this foundation is really suit my skin face and I use this product for a long time already. Apply this foundation at first to your forehead continue to your right cheek then to your left cheek and for the last step of the foundation to your chin. 
Blend it with foundation brush or with sponge beauty with patiently. 

3. Apply face contour starting from your forehead(directly in the middle of your forehead down) then continue to under your right cheek from up to down, continue to under your left cheek from up to down and also your nose from left and right nose. And also apply it to your jawline. Blend it corectly and patiently with make-up brush and repeat it again and again with blending until look naturally. I use the face contour from Misslyn-Shaping Queen Highlight & Contouring Highlighter

4. Apply a concealer under your eye circle in both side, right and left. Blend it carefully with sponge or brush. I use a concealer from Essence Stay Natural Concealer.

5. The next step, apply the face powder that suit your face skin color and for myself I choose from Manhattan in sunbeige color. Apply it slowly with powder brush and blend it corectly and don't damage your contour that you had done.  

Here is my youtube make-up tutorial, please subbed, like my channel & shared my video if you like. 

6. Apply eyebrow liquid gel that suit your skin and hair color. I use eye brown liquid gel that actually eyebrow liner but I'm totally fall in love and I use it often for eyebrow and it look good and naturally to apply for eyebrow. And this gel is from Catrice. And this is a good idea that you can safe a bit some bug, for your make-up tool that are more function. Apply it this liquid gel with the smallest brush that a special for eyebrow brush and carefully blend and apply. After that, brush the eyebrow with eyebrow brush. 

7. The next step is prepare your eyeshadow palette, I use my eyeshadow from W7 Cosmetic. And I choose the color no.1 for the basic and direct apply to your eyelid from right side first or from left eyelid first is up to you(don't forget to close your eye when you apply it). Blend it from one eyelid from right to left and repeat blend it until getting naturally look. And repeat the same step for another eyelid. 

8. Still another step of eyelid part, continue with color no.9 from left(eyeshadow palette), I choose the plum color that it look romantic and glam for the Valentine's Day make-up. Apply this palette color to your eyelid from right to left and blend it carefully and repeat the same step for another eyelid. Please always be patiently to do the blending for always the best and perfect result. 

9. After applied the eyeshadow finished, now continue to apply with eyeliner that I choose from Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencil. Apply it this eyeliner to your under eyeline from right to left and repeat the same step with another eyeline. 

10. Now prepare your false eyelashes, apply it with eyelash glue starting from right and then continue to left eye. Don't forget to close your eye when you apply the false eyelashes to avoid contact with the eyelash glue. 

11. The next step is apply bronzer from Max Factor MF Cream Bronzer, Fb. 10 to your cheek with make-up brush from down to up and repeat it again and blend it again. 

12. Prepare the lip liner in plum/dark red cherry color. Apply it carefully to your lip line and follow your naturally lip line, starting from up lip line to down lip line. I use lip liner from Essence soft contouring lipliner 11

13. Now apply the lipstick to your lip and blend it the lip color carefully and avoid to damage the lip liner that you already applied. Lip color from Rival de Loop Rival Silk'n Care Lipstick 01

14. For last step, apply the highligher to your cheek, nose, chin and forehead after your applied with bronzer and blend it carefully the highlighter from down to up to your cheek. I use highlighter from  

My Make-up Look:
Thanks so much for stopping by and for all your a nice comment. Wish you have a wonderful week ahead.
Vielen Dank für Eure besuch auf meinem Blog und die schöne Kommentare. Ich wünsche Euch allen ein wundervolles Woche voraus.  
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  1. I love your eye makeup especially and the palette you used is gorgeous. Perfect for Valentines evening x

    1. Thanks so much dear for your a great compliment. Glad to know that you also the palette. Wish you have a great Valentine day ahead. xo, Kintan.

  2. Gorgeous look Kintan! I love how detailed is your description! Where are your makeup brushes from? They look fantastic! And amazing lipstick!

    1. Thanks so much my dear, glad to know that you love my make up and the description. My make-up brushes are from Anself and I bought them at Amazon Germany. Have a great week ahead dear. xo, Kintan.

  3. You look absolutely stunning dear! I hope you have a lovely Valentine’s Day ahead!

    1. Aww..thanks so muh babe for your a great compliment. Wish you have a wonderful Valentine's day ahead too. xo, Kintan.

  4. Lovely look! I love the colors of this, the shades match nicely together and to you. Have a lovely Valentine's Day! :)

    Nora /

    1. Ahhh thanks so muh dear for your concern about my make-up. Wish you have a wonderful valentine's Day ahead too. xo, Kintan.

  5. Gorgeous, romantic look! Thanks for sharing the routine! I have a few things to try now! :)

    1. Thanks so much lovely dear, for your nice word about my make-up. Have a beautiful Valentine's Day ahead. xo, Kintan.



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