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Hello everyone,
I hope you doing well. Another post today, that I would like to show my latest holiday pictures from Crete. As you may know, on my previous post here and here that Mr.P and I, we had been visited Crete on late summer/in the beginning fall on last year. And I still have a lot of pictures that I would like to share it here with you. On these pictures are on our Day 3 in Crete and we had an adventure day visited Diktiao Andro and Lasithi Plateau. We had a amazing and had a fantastic adventures around this place and we snap alot of great pictures for our memory we brought back home and we keep it for the next future. On this post, I would like to share about 5 things you should know about these amazing places.

Always be prepare before you go to visiting Diktiao Andro/ Lashiti Plateau, reading on the guide book what is exactly this place all about and make a plan when you wanna visit this place and how you could reach this place. After arriving on the Crete island, i'm sure that you have some plans about which tourist object that you would like to visit. Make a big plan from first day after arriving until the end of your holiday. This is what Mr.P and I, always do on our holiday. Of course in some reason, anything can be change depend on the situation what will come. For an example, I'll show you my plans on our holiday,  
- Day 1 in Crete, Mr.P and I we had plan to visit and try to know about some places around our hotel that we stayed. 
- Day 2 in Crete, we had a beach day. Try to be relaxed and calm down from our busy life. 
- Day 3 in Crete, we were visited Diktiao Andro and Lasithi Plateau. 

I found the best view and the best landscape from above. 


Renting a car when you're in Crete or you wanna visit Diktiao Andro and Lasithi Plateau is "MUST DO" I would recommend. Why?? Because is make you more flexible and more easy to move from place to another place. Of course when you have Europe driving license or International driving license. Renting a car will make you more easy and not depending with some group or waiting bus somewhere and because for sure you'll lose so much time. Ohh...maybe it will so much fun too when you want to go to this place by bus or with a group of people. Renting a car you can also make packet together when you book your flight or you can directly there on your arriving in Crete. But I would recommend that you rent a car together with your flight and will be much cheaper than you rent a car there directly. One thing shall be not be forget and it's very important "Insurance". Rent a car include with the insurance, its important as we're tourist on this island, when we have an accident or car damage, everything will be cover by the insurance. 

You know, you'll not going to a party or a dinner. This place is kind of adventure place. So, it means you shall wear the right clothes and shoes. Wear a hot pant or a long pant it will recommend better than wear a skirt or mini skirt. Because you need a comfort outfit to go to this place and especially when it's on a hot day like in Crete or on summer time. You need to walked with staircase and step road. You need clothes that it's not to thick and clothes material that soak all the sweat very fast and also not to hot when it contact with sunlight. And of course you don't need to wear your high heels, pump shoes or boots. All you need is just a comfort walking shoes, adventure sandals/shoes or a comfort sneaker. I know, every girl wants to look chic and stylish even on holiday, but it's important to think about the comfort zone whilst you're visit an adventure place. That's why is always recommend, that read a book guide or read on the internet about the place you want to visit. Then, you can always be prepare about your dress up(as I talked about this above on no.1). But I still remember funny thing happend, on my way up to this cave, I show a woman wearing a wedges shoes. It looks like that she couldn't walked properly. Lol...

Our first Cafe that we had been stop to drink a delicious and aromatic cappucino. 

If you feel hungry or tasty, don't worry about it and be happy, because there are so many restaurants and cafes everywhere in this place. Whilst you and your loves one maybe driving a car through this wonderful landscape of Lasithi plateau and you can almost every corner of this place there some nice and beautiful restaurant and cafe with amazing view from the lasithi plateau and around. Order some Greek salad for appetizer and Greek food(such as moussaka, seafood plate, grilled lamb). Whilst I'm writing this blog, and I get hungry seeing these pictures. 

 It's not an easy as it look to walk through this road. We need to be patience and maybe need rest from time to time and enjoy the amazing view around. That's why we need a comfort shoes to walk this uphill road to achieved until the peak of Diktaio Andro. 

Why you have to visit this two places when you're in Crete? Diktaio Andro is very important history and important place for a Greek mythology. This place is were Zeus born. And this cave is the most important and famous of the 3.000 cave in Crete and the 8.500 also around Greek. Diktaio Andro it has so amazing and fantastic of rich in stalagmites and stalactites, that Zeus was born according to the legend. This is why the Diktaio Cave was already famous in antiquity, dedicated to the worship of the greatest of the Gods, as the many offerings found there indicate
The Diktaio Cave is found in the Mount Dicte range in East Crete, on the Lassithi Plateau.
An important factor was that the Lassithi Plateau has particularly fertile soil, and large amounts of water from the snow that falls on the peaks of My Dicte collect in the water table.

                                    The lasithi plateau view from above Diktaio Andro. 

To go to Diktaio Andro, you just follow the path from oak trees and If you may tired, you can also rent a donkey to help bring you to your destination of the peak of the Diktaio cave. Because the road to this cave is uphill and winding. 

The lasithi plateau view from above Diktaio Andro peak. 
Diktaio Andro from above.

It's me taken some pictures by Mr.P, before we entering this cave.

Here is the inside view from the Diktaio Andro. 
I feel so misthys, amazed and respectful seeing this amazing and wonderful stalagmites and stalactites, where Zeus was born. How many thousand years these amazing stalagmites and stalactites can be done and build by the drop of water. And we're the age of human is can't compare with this stalagmites and stalactites. 

To visit the Diktaio Cave you need to drive up to the Lassithi Plateau, which is near Neapoli, Malia, Stalida and Hersonissos. It is not many kilometres from these as the crow flies, but the road is winding and uphill, so you will need 45 minutes to an hour to reach the Lassithi Plateau and the village of Psychro
The Dikteon Cave lies at an altitude of 1025 m. on the northern slopes of Mount Dicte, which dominates the Lassithi Plateau and the whole of East Crete. The cave is near the village of Psychro, which is why it is also known as Psychro Cave.

Thanks so much again for reading my blog and for your kind comment. Wish you all have a fantastic weekend.

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  1. Crete is an amazing place, one of the most beautiful places in my country! I remember you having an awesome time last Autumn. Your pictures are so beautiful dear Kintan!

  2. I have been to Crete once when I was younger. I remember it being absolutely beautiful. This year I hope to return for a holiday with my partner. Can’t wait! Amazing post, beautiful images.

  3. Ah I wish to visit Crete! Everything looks so lovely over there :-) it’s definitely on my travel bucket list :-)

  4. Great tips and some lovely photos thanks for sharing :-)

  5. Crete looks so pretty and I love your holiday pictures, looks like you had an amazing time! The sheep are look cheeky :)

  6. I have heard amazing things about Crete from friends who have been a number of times. I haven't visited it yet but now this post confirmed it for me - I definitely should :) Gorgeous photos!
    xox Nadia



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