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Hello everyone,
summer time is finally arrived. Here in my city, Hamburg everyday is get hotter and hotter. I'm sure that some of you preparing and planning some summer holiday yet. On my today post, I have some pictures that taken from my last year holiday in Crete. I hope it, this my travel diary it will give you some idea for your next holiday trip on summer. This a small town called Sítía and it located in the east side of Crete island and Mediteranian island and include in Lasithi region. Such a wonderful city with a small port and some restaurant around the port side and Kazarma Fortress that located on top of Sítía Town, that attract some tourist. And some little street in between of this city and some little Greek house and apartment and hotel make this city looks more charm and unique. Plus some cafés and restaurants with some typical Greek style make this city and port area more popular and cozy for some tourist local and even international tourist come to visit. 

How we can get there?
To go to Sítía Town, we drove with a rented car. I think it will make you more independent than just take a bus or public transportation. We drove with a car about 1,5 hour. And we left the hotel an early morning after our breakfast. I'll recommend, that it's better to go there early morning as you can have a long day behind you for some activity in Sítía and no need to rust to drive car or if you want take a public transportation. As the road to go to this city is a mountain road and needs very carefully to drive and high concentration. Please ignore to go back to the hotel in dark evening, because you can more easy to drive car on the mountain road with the curvy road. 

Don't forget to full tank your car, as maybe you don't find very quick gas station and the journey still very long. 

It's not only the curvy mountain road in front of you. But some fantastic view between your journey, like this picture below. Don't forget to stop your car and park on the road side and enjoy some fresh air with the best and fantastic view. And this view 1000% quarantee make your journey so muchhhhh fun like we do. Take a deepest breath and let the stress on your car ride gone by the view. Always prepare your camera on your side and your smartphone for documenting with some pictures or video. 

A fantastic and breathtaking scenery from the Mirabello bay, Sítía, Lashiti. 

What you can do in Sítía city?
1). You can do some little activity in this city. Sight seeing around the Sítía port and taking some pictures and enjoy this charm and wonderful city. 
Arrived in this charm city, Sítía port. 

Ready getting lose in the Sítía city in between from small road. 

Let's burn some calorien on our holiday by walked through this staircase around Sítía city. Don't forget always bring enough drink water on your bag, that you will not have dehydrated. As the weather sometime is really hot and you needs enough to drink from time to time. 

Can't get enough of this charm and beauty of this Sítía city with the view of port. 

2). Enjoy the view from the Sítía port and let pamper yourself and your loves one with some Greek cuisine or maybe an International cuisine around port side or just chillax in the café. 

A fantastic view from the Sítía port/town, view from above. 

3). Don't forget to visit Kazarma Fortress in Sítía town. 
Kazarma Fortress is located in the near from Sítía port. It was built by the Venetians in the 13th century as the guard barracks, the Casa di Arma, a name corrupted to Kazarma
And you can enjoy the perfect panorama view of the Sítía Town. So pity, that on those day were Mr.P and I, we were to late came to this place. As in the break time, so we didn't not enter this Fortress. Of course we were so disappointed and we have promise to come back again next time when we'll visit Crete again. We won't to wait until they finished with break time, because we won't too late back to the hotel in the dark time. 

The Kazarma Fortress is open daily except Mondays, offering a stunning panoramic view of the town of Sitia. 

 Finally, we taken some pictures outdoor from the Fortress and enjoy the fantastic scenery from the Sítía Town.  


A bit relaxing and chillax at the Sítía port side. 

We had a big hungry after sight seeing day, worth it to order yummy foods. 

The view from our way drove back to the hotel and before the sunset came to arrived. 

Thanks so much again for reading my blog and for your kind comment. Wish you all have a fantastic a new week ahead. 
Vielen Dank für Eure besuch auf meinem Blog und für die schöne Kommentare. Ich wünsche Euch allen eine schöne neue Woche voraus. 

With Love xo, 

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  1. Ah that looks like a lovely place and it sounds like you’ve been having a great time too :-) we’re planning on spending a week in Greece, or somewhere in the area this summer before I return to work. Can’t wait!

  2. I am so happy you liked this place and took all these beautiful photos! I remember you having a gorgeous time in your holidays! Hope you can visit my country any time soon!

  3. All these pictures are lovely.... Are they edited... the scenery, your outfit, everything is just in sync... Thanks for sharing the tips.... No one should ever run out of gas on a road trip... that would be super uncomfortable

  4. All these pictures are lovely.... Are they edited... the scenery, your outfit, everything is just in sync... Thanks for sharing the tips.... No one should ever run out of gas on a road trip... that would be super uncomfortable

  5. What a beautiful place - everything from the port, the town and the fortress are so pretty! Looks like you had a wonderful time xx

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