Monday, January 08, 2018

GOOD BYE 2017 & HELLO 2018....!! MY GOALS FOR 2018

Hello my dears,
hope you have had a fantastic NYE. Good bye 2017 and Hello 2018...!! I hope you're safe and sound. Are you ready to rock 2018 same as me? I'm sure that you have some plans and goals for this new year 2018. A little or much, everyone has different plan and goal. Some are think more important than other. For myself, almost the same every year. That healthy, getting more abs and fitness, more blogging, more travel and serious about my carrier and job is always in my priority. I have to say that 2017 is the best year for me and my loves one. 

All the positive things that happend on 2017;
1). I was travel to Indonesia, visited my family on January 2017. (here)
It's always fantastic time when I closed with my family and had a great time in Indonesia.

2). I got my very first time job in Germany even only for a short time in a spring time until summer time.
3). I got another a new good job and I hope will stay longer in the future. 
4). I was travel to Crete, Greece for 10 days (here and here). It was my very first time to visit Crete and It was so much amazing impression about this beautiful island. 

My plans and goals for 2018 are;
1). Keep healthy with fitness and get more abs (here)
Healthy body and mind is the most important than other thing. Healthy is above all. 
As I doing fitness already more than 12 years and there's already my lifestyle and I can't live without fitness and I'll continue until I get old and grey hair. 

2). Serious about my job and carrier. 
So this year, I'll continue to prepare and serious about my carrier and job. If there's much posible I'm ready to work a bit more hours in a week. 
Even I almost 2 years here living in Germany and I had two different job that both of them gave me so much experience and so much fun. But in another free time that I still can manage my blog, do some fitness as both of them are my hobby and passion. 

3). I plan travel to Indonesia again visiting my family maybe on spring time. 

I plan visiting my family always once a year. This routine is "A MUST DO" as I still have my parents, my brothers and my big family there and I always miss them and I love them so much. 

4). A small trip inside of Germany, maybe Berlin or somewhere else. 

5). Travel to Algarve(Portugal) or Croatia. 


6). I hope I can manage to get my German driving license.
Even I still have my Indonesian driving license but now I living in Germany lamost 2 years and I need to go again to driving school and make a driving test. 

7). More blogging and more active on social media and gain more follower on all my social media. 
As every blogger knows how important is to have a more follower and more active on all social media nowadays. As this is the basic that the brand always asking to give some job to blogger. 

Anyway, I hope you like my NYE outfit with my bodycon dress with glam look and knee boots. 
As always a bit difficult here in Germany to wear my pump or heels when on winter time. Because you always never know, what outside the weather is waiting. If maybe rainy day or snowing day, it's always more safe when I wear my bootie. This time Mr.P and I, we had a great NYE with friends. At first spend a cozy and wonderful dinner at Greek Restaurant and continue at our friends house and spend the NYE there with so much fun, laugh and with amazing view from the Hamburg firework. I hope you had a fantastic NYE same as mine. 

Bodycon Dress - H&M(similar here)/ Knee Boots - C&A(similar here)/ Fur Jacket - Orsay(similar here)/ Earrings - C&A(similar here)

Thanks so much for stopping by and for all your a nice comment. Wish you have a wonderful year ahead.
Vielen Dank für Eure besuch auf meinem Blog und die schöne Kommentare. Ich wünsche Euch allen ein wundervolles neues Jahr. 
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Pictures credit by PT and Pixabay 


  1. Happy New Year, lovely! What a wonderful goals, I hope that 2018 will treat you well 😊

    1. Thanks so much darling. Wish you the same thing, all the best for 2018. Kisses xox

  2. Happy New Year's 2018! Love that H&M dress. It looks great on you.
    Those travel photos are dreamy.

    1. Thanks so much dear. Happy New Year 2018 for you as well. Yes, I agreed with you that those travel pics, make me miss sunny day and beach day. xox



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